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      I’m wanting to switch out the tires on my Trek remedy 29r. Right now I’m riding the Bontrager xr3 Expert 29″x2.3″  that came on the bike . I’m not sure which way to lean on brand, width or having two different sizes meaning going up to a 29″x2.4″ in the front or just going larger all around… Any help would be much appreciated.

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      Sorry, it’s not that easy.

      What kind of riding do you like?  How aggressive are you?  What kind of terrain do you ride most of the time?  What do you weigh?  What’s you’re credit card number?  Do you prefer traction and durability over fast rolling/light weight?  Do you prefer Vanilla or Caramel Hat Trick ice cream?



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        Mostly ride single track, rocks, roots, I prefer traction and durability, which I’m not getting with the tires I have. I’m about 225lb, the credit card works great so I’m not gonna share it and I like Caramel.

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      Maxxis Minnion DHF 2.4 or 2.5 up front.  For the rear:  either the same for more traction, or a bit more narrow for pedally goodness.  DHF or DHR in the rear.  Personally I think the DHF rolls a bit better.

      I weigh nearly the same and ride aggressively and these tires have been the best I’ve ever rolled on.  YMMV


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        If I put a 2.5 in the front and ran a 2.3 in the back would that be to narrow?

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      No, a  bigger tire in the back will give you more traction and more forgiveness for slamming into rocks at speed, but it’ll also feel like more work to climb with that set up.  Pedaling efficiency is dictated much more by the rear tire than the front as most of your weight is on the rear.

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      I will second on the Maxxis Minion.  I hated the Bont-raggers XR3 on my Remedy. Heard some lunatic at Allegrippis -raving- about his Maxxis Minions, I did some research and threw them on my Remedy.  WOW! Crazy traction in everything from rocks and roots to dry loam and wet swampy springtime slop; hell, they even did well in 1inch of pre-Christmas snow last year.  I would say I am an aggressive, but not psychotic, East coast rider.

      My only gripe has been their (Maxxis) quality control. I’m on my third rear tire as they keep oozing sealant, I mean big sticky patches of Stan’s out the sidewalls. Maxxis has great customer service and has been quick to replace the tires. They say they are “aware of the issue” but I wish they would fix it.

      On my Pivot I have Specialized Hillbillies….nice tire, reliable, rock solid, but nowhere near the grip of the minions.

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        Awesome thanks for the information….  Think I’m gonna get pair.

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      I run a close to stock setup for my trek stache (the pre plus kind). Mostly because I got a free takeoff from my LBS and paid for a new front tire. So I currently run a 2.35 XR2 Expert on the front. It’s pretty knobby and gives me lots of grip for the turns. On the back I am still running a 2.20 XR3  Expert. It’s a little more narrow than what came on the bike to start, but it works well and allows me to keep up some speed still since it’s a fast rolling tire. All setup tubeless so I can drop a few PSI for the added traction when I need it.


      I mostly ride dry dusty trails, and have found that this combo works pretty well. It definitely leaves a bit to be desired on wet rocks/roots but I make due and just take a little extra caution for those bits.

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        Thanks for the reply Christopher94, it was really helpful…

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      whats the OP’s internal rim width? I run DHF 2.5 but would caution with a wheel with below 30mm. That may be the cause of failure in many cases. The 2.5 are now labeled “wide trail” and says they’re optimized for 35mm but work fine on 30.

      I ran DHF front and rear but prefer something a little racier for the rear like an Aggressor or Ardent for less rolling resist. Or maybe just get the DHF or HRII in a smaller width than the front.

      The MaxxGrip is a very tacky, soft compound and will wear quicker than the MaxxTerra so take that into consideration in terms of durability.

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      Technically a 2.5 tire should work down to a 25mm rim, but realistically they don’t work well under 35mm. Specs generally say a rim needs to be at least 32% the width of the tire and can be up to 70% (that would be 25mm to 45mm on a 2.5in), but actually 50% to 65% the width of the tire is optimal. For a 2.5in tire that is 32mm to 40mm.

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      maxxis minions cant go wrong

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      It really depends on personal riding style and terrain. From what I’ve tried I like Maxxis Minnion SS up front and Ardent on rear. Kinda a good medium between heavy downhill and  lightweight cross-country tires.

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      I am definetly enjoying the Nobby Nic’s that came stock on my new bike….. a even burlier tire is the Magic Mary….

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