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      After some help, I need a front mud guard, but to use the #usual# type, ie the type that goes under the bracket between the forks doesn’t work, as there isn’t enough of a gap to install the guard.

      Ive seen some that attach from behind the bracket, but don’t know the name.

      Thanks for any help.

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      Which one did you try that doesn’t fit?

      There generally isn’t a lot of clearance in this area, so it’s important to get the guard tight up against the fork brace. A friend made a custom one for me out of a piece of plastic and it fits and works great, but the key was to use a bunch of zip ties to keep everything nice and tight, and formed to the shape of the fork.

      Still, some forks are weird so you might have better luck with a guard that goes on the bottom of your downtube. Something like this (just grabbed this photo from Amazon; not sure if this one is any good):

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