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      Now that my fork is fully extended (though it still settles to almost complete bottom as soon as I sit on it), my front end is higher than the rear. Since I’ve never noticed this before during my 22 years riding, I ask you all: is this normal? If not, how would I go about fixing this issue?

      Also, my friggin’ toes are hitting my front tire whenever I turn the bars past a certain point. So far, I’ve only come across a roadbike forum discussing the issue, and the general concensus there is that "some bikes have the clearance and some bikes don’t… but if you can’t learn to live with it, buy a bike with the clearance." Is this true with mountain bikes also?

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      The high front end thing is pretty normal. Look at my bike in my avatar picture.

      The shock almost completely bottoming out when you just sit on it isn’t normal. You need more air in the shock to combat the sag or you will bottom out over bumps and could damage the shock.

      Your toes will hit the wheel if you have big feet, extra long crank arms on the crankset, or the frame is too small for you. Other than getting a new bike or shorter crank arms you will have to live with it. My toes touch my front wheel too when I turn the handlebars REALLY far but that never happens in normal riding so I don’t worry about it.

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      My feet hit @ about 10 and 5 o’clock… thats not much turn. Also, I’m only 5’10" 160lbs with size 9 feet, so I’m pretty certain it’s not the size of the bike. It could be the crank arms, so I’ll check that out.

      And I see what you mean about the front being higher. Thanks!

      [edit: looking at things now, it could be the crank arms OR the size of the tires.]

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      Looking at your pic, it appears your head tube angle is fairly slack, which would lend to the high front appearance, but will also make it well suited for downhill portions of the trail.

      To really get an idea of whether your geometry is normal, look at the chainstays and see if they are level, they will be on most bikes.

      As for the toe clearance, yeah, you’re gonna need shorter crank arms.

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      Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me or are your wheels bigger than the normal 26"s. Looks almost like you have 29" wheels on there.

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      Nope your eyes are not playing tricks its just a small frame.

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