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      Heres the short story, found a old Trek 820 abandoned in a park near here missing its wheels, missing brake pads and crippled with its rear derailer blown right off the back of the thing.

      After some love I’ve swapped stuff from my main ride over and picked up a set of wheels and probably have close to a hundred back into this beast with the new/used crankset. I might make this my commuter but most likely its going to live its life as the backup / loaner.

      The only thing I’m missing right now is the front chainring and I’m wondering what everyones opinion on the best gearing for a project like this would be. With it being a 8 speed in the back I’m thinking I can go pretty aggressive in the front. The crankset is a Truvativ singlespeed crank with a four bolt pattern which probably limits what I can go with.

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