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      😎 Ey everyone! I do XC most of the time and a lil downhill.
      Here’s a simple Q: for the experts –> What’s a good bike for a freeride? and where would be a good place to do it?

      I never freeride before and i’m ready to take a beating… i gez 😮 Thanx!

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      Kona’s always a solid bike for that sort of stuff. Just about every bike company makes a freerider or a downhiller. Just look for 5-7 inches of travel on your shocks and a solid frame and you’re set. If you’re willing to go foreign, Norco had some smooth-looking DH frames back in the dayl.

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      I like my Kona Coiler DeeLux. It has a very stout frame, and 5″ travel front and rear (6″ this year) and it climbs well with little suspension bob. I’m able to ride most x-country trails with it, and it is very capable (more than I can give it) of handling any free ride duties you can throw at it. Here is the [color=red:1hzjbkse]Kona[/color:1hzjbkse] page for the bike.

      Here are a couple Northern California spots we ride, and I would consider Freeride:
      [color=red:1hzjbkse]Clementine[/color:1hzjbkse]-yes Juan Gear, I’m one of those guys that shuttle this trail, wear body armor, and hammer on it. I do occasionally ride the up hill, but 5 miles of road climbing is boring, and I can get in a bunch of trips down in when we shuttle it.

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      thanks guys!
      I looked into a Santa Cruz VP last week.. nice ride but too heavy for me.. twas close to 40 lbs. 😢

      I would prolly get a Coiler or a Stinky 😎

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      Have you had a look at the Kona Dawg series(Primo,Deeluxe,Supreme…)I have a 2003 Deeluxe(5” travel) and that bike takes everything I give it and it keeps bringning me back home like a great puppy. 😆
      My $0.02

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      I have a Gary Fisher Opie…one of the Bigg’ns hardtails. It’s made to do anything, and go anywhere. Check out There are little descriptions of what the bikes can handle by each category. There is also a “Matchmaker” on Gary’s site, which will direct you towards the right bike for you. Here’s a link to my bike: opie

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      Robby sorry to say you are in the same boat as me living in the vast flat land that is illinois. but don’t be discoursed there are places to ride here.
      of course you have ridden palos but there are some hidden spots there. there is also a place out in glenwood that has some really good stuff.
      and if you are up for some serious stunts try challenge park in joliet
      if you are intrested in tring some new stuff let me know i usally have a group that goes out every weekend just about all of them are like you just getting into the more extreme side of riding

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      Gar29 Zup with the body armor. Placed twice on a superlight,spandex 😳 road lid 😏 at Downieville downhill. the trick is don’t fall 😆

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      Thats the trick, I just have to figure it out! I rode Northstar last weekend, and man, wouldn’t you know it, I bailed twice, and I took some good damage. I’d share a picture of the nice bruise with you all, but I doubt you want to see a picture of my cheek where the damage is! Let’s just say it’s not a cheek on my face 😳 And on my last run, I managed to break my seatpost at the seat binder. Had to ride down from almost the top of the first lift with no seat! That sucked! Now I have the excuse to buy a new Thomson Elite post, considering I’ve been trying to break the cheap OEM one for a year and a half 😏

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      I also have a great video of my nephew-Foesforchris-bailing on a fun rhythm section on the Woods Trail at Northstar, last weekend, I’ll see if I can get it posted on my web page, and link it here. 😮

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      Dude went down hard a month ago or so deep compresion bruise and road rash with stick gouges hip and cheek. Sucker just wouldnt heal and could show anybody for bragging points. Now there is a real nice scar that I don’t show off 😉

      Just ride One

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      If you guys have any videos……. That’d be sweet. I’ve got some of my own, none of any crashes….. yet…..

      Yeah, don’t fall off…. riiiiight…….. 😏 😉

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      The videos I have are just crappy digital camera videos, but hey, any crash video is a good crash video, right!? 😼

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      "gar29" wrote

      The videos I have are just crappy digital camera videos, but hey, any crash video is a good crash video, right!? 😼

      Yup…. It’s all fun and games ’till someone gets hurt….. Then it’s just fun! 😼

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      Anyone used a lipstixcam on the helmet. Ben looking for a light weight set up, want to record Downieville race for the G-babys to watch. When I’m in a walker 😕 cause I’ll ride till then 😼

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      I’ve been wanting one also, I’ll ask my nephew though, he’s been doing all the research on what’s good.

      Speaking of old timers riding, I was up in Downieville last year with a group of my bud’s friends from L.A. The one guy was 62 I think, and still hammering! Their group of about 6 guys all get together for a week vacation once a year, load up the RV, and travel to some mountain bike destination or the other!

      The old duff was pretty good, he was taking me up hills, but on the down stroke, I kicked his ass 😼

      We were riding down the back side of Packers Saddle, into Graeagle, rough trail, Juan, you’d love it, I’d bet. The Downieville Outfitters owner says he does it on his SS, and only dabs once or twice. The old timer was ripping down a descent, and managed to faceplant onto a boulder, snapped his perscription sunglasses, bloody nose, whole nine yards.

      He did great though, and I hope I can hammer like him when I hit that age!

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      One year at the Downieville race a guy a couple places back Was in his 70″s wrapped in plastic, arm and ankle braces, fullface carbon lid, big big bike. Think the bike was slowing him down just to much for that hill. Could
      see my future. Riping kids in their 50’s an 60″s a new one
      Heared some dags talking and they said BEWARE

      Ol dudes
      When combined BE AFRAID
      It’s my new moto 😉

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      "Adam" wrote

      Robby sorry to say you are in the same boat as me living in the vast flat land that is illinois. but don’t be discoursed there are places to ride here.

      Daz true Adam! I went out with a few friends today..we built a 3 ft. jump on the side of the bike path somewhere in south Elgin.. twas fun! i cracked my Manitou tho 😢
      luv jumps! (i wz a BMX racer before..) for now i’ll use my old rockshox judy 😕
      I’ll try to send a video next time…

      keep it safe dudes! 😎

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      robby if you are looking for jumps, check out just a little west of the willow springs train station. there are some jumps/drops that range from 3ft to about 7ft. nothing like some good clean fun. you did a little worse than me with your forks, i bent a pair of minute 1:00 jumping off a set of stairs. i kind of went all out and replaced it with a sherman slider a little expensive but that won’t happen again.

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      Gar29 Have ya tried Annadale State Park in Santa Rosa? Rough go Trail is about a mile long downhill. Most of the good lines require jumping a boulder with landings in buried and loose rock. Have to climb to do it again but it lives up to it’s name. Then come back and do it in the wet 😼

      teaser my wife cleaned in the rain 😉

      When in doubt don’t shift

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      Would you believe I’m heading there tomorrow? My nephew lives in Napa, so we take turns riding in Sacramento, or something out there. I’ll see if I can find that trail. He knows the place pretty well, so shouldn’t be a problem.

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      Gar29 well? Rough Go Rock? Any EMT action. Have yall tried Oat Hill yet? You have to climb it first but CLEAN that 😮 . Landed on my head 😕 was out long enough to watch shadows cross the trail. Don’t solo this one trust me. A group of EMT were coming up for their morning ride the sight of me turned their faces white 😃

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      We did rough go, cleaned it! Man, that is one ROCY ASS trail! The route we took was North Burma-Louis-Lake-Rough Go-Lake-Rough Go-Cobblestone. Was a good ride, and worked out to be about a 11-1/2 mile loop. I love Cobblestone on the way back out, that is a great fast, pretty much non-technical singletrack descent to the road. After doing the Rough Go descent, then climbing back up lake, we took a nice rest at Lake Illsanjo, and checked out the hotties in bikini’s for a bit! Can beat biking and bikini’s! I also enjoyed getting out for an afternoon ride. Can’t do that much here in the valley until fall.

      I’m thinking of hitting Sweetwater/Salmon Falls this Saturday. Haven’t rode those in a bit, need to get my fix. I love Sweetwater, just wish it was about 10 miles longer!

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      Ya Cobblestone is a nice finish 😃 . If your going back and want a long rough, rocky one 😼 Up Warren Richardson to Two Quarry then out the back side on Lawnsdale which is FAAST 😆 Santa Cruzy downhill in the trees up the road to the west to Shultz then across Ridge Trail up Marsh Trail up over South Burma for a FAST downhill. To north Burma to Steves Trail then past lake over and down Live Oak Trail Then finish with a Fast Downhill on the rest of North Burma just watch for the trick that (Boulder will put ya in the trees). You know it’s coming when you feel the flow it’s out of step.
      Going over the top or out and back?Sweetwater is to short. Gota case of the Oak something bad last time.
      One more scouting mission to Nevada city for new trail. then it’s Santa Cruz Season till the rains.


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      Yeah, I always seem to wind up with a case of PO when I ride Sweetwater. Oh well, I like to keep a bottle of Technu handy when I’m riding there.

      You’re lucky on the Santa Cruz part. It’s definately to far to go for a day trip for me. Stockton is pretty central to all sorts of good riding riding, although, Nevada City is definately a trek for you. What would you recommend as the most fun ride in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area?

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      "Juan_Gear" wrote

      Anyone used a lipstixcam on the helmet.

      This [color=red:31f32nk8]one[/color:31f32nk8] is supposed to be pretty good. And weather proof for that unexpected tumble in a stream.

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      Pioneer is the best it has a 7 mile warm up for new riders 99% single track. Then it crosses the road for more fun twisting through the trees, rollers, G outs, roots, rocks, sweeet single track, short climb, just keeps pulling ya in with something new. 1500 feet gain in 12 miles.

      Been doing Hallelujah Trail which is loop at the top for another 800 feet gain to a rustic Downieville like single track. Didn’t count but maybe 15 switch backs that drop into a ravine with hard pack single track climb out to short fire road climb Pioneer Trail. A little dusty this time of year, Just lead the pack and your o.k. 😆

      Get a map at the start from Harmony Ridge Market for $8.00 it has been worth it. And thank Mark and Sara for letting us park for free in their lot. I And they have hot lunch ready some days BBQ going out front. Smells so good after a couple of hours in the saddle 😏

      Yea we have nothing here in stoakland but 3 hours from every where at the most. Marin, Sonma, Fort Brag, D ville, Santa Cruz My wife calls it the bottom of the bowl. All their is here is bike path that runs through an area where ya could be shot. 😮

      Juan gear Jaun Speed

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      Sounds great. I’ll definately check out that map from Harmony Ridge Market. You have it scanned so we could take a look at the trails in the area?

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      Yeah a bunch of them maps just sitting in a file 😆 Heading back up this weekend. Found another trail last weekend and I gotta know 😏 where it goes.

      What goes up must come down 😼

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      Nomad, I thought the end of that cliche (it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye) was “… then it becomes a sport!”
      I like your version too, though.

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      Another one without brains? awesome! i’m looking into the Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho, sounds like its only real downside is the stock fork.

      Hope you dont kill yourself.

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      I’ve been thinking…. and I’m getting really tired of hearing “freeride” being applied to this new “Xtreme” lifestyle.
      A lot of people are trying to get mountainbiking into the mainstream of modern sports….
      Where NORBA failed miserably, IMBA & Red Bull is doing an admirable job of getting the average American to notice how beneficial and fun mountainbiking can be, and that it is a legitimate sport.
      But I think that the rush towards acceptance is bringing that which a lot of us mountainbikers seek to avoid….
      Unwanted attention.

      It now seems that skateboarding, BMX’ing, snowboarding, and bungee-jumping is no longer [i:3iisygn3]hardcore[/i:3iisygn3] enough for the media…. and they’re starting to latch onto those of us that eschew spandex, cruiseship headgear, and the Tour d’France; while still enjoying the thrill that bicycling affords us.

      A lot of riders are buying into it….

      I’ve been reading up on,, and some other random bike-oriented websites.
      And sadly, it seems that a majority of riders that are labeling themselves “freeriders” are exactly the type that build illegal trails; get themselves arrested or fined; get themselves hurt, and then promptly blame “The Man” for cramping their “lifestyle”.
      A lot of them document their “crew’s” activities, and then laugh when there’s (usually) a kid smoking dope and/or drinking beer on camera, or a rider doing a drop off of something plastered with a No Trespassing Sign.
      And it’s now a huge status symbol to own a monstrously expensive long-travel bike and personalized body armor.

      I read threads where more than a few people were being absolutely disrespected because they had tried sharing their freeriding experiences while riding an older, lesser travel bike (or worse, a hardtail!).
      One guy was berated because he was “old and stupid”. This particular rider is in his mid ’40s, and he posted a picture of himself dropping a small 3′ ledge in his apartment complex on an old Giant.
      The best part was the instigator of this insult is an unemployed stay-at-home 18yr old who just got a new 2006 Specy Demo8 from his parents.

      I was thrilled when I started riding because it seemed that a majority of the people I encountered out there were level-headed adults or groms with the same goal as mine….

      To just ride….


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      Hey same here man. I just use freeride to discripe what I do because thats the closest I can come to it. If i said back country, that would also mean XC. I do XC, but not bac country. If I said downhill, tho, people would think I was a racer. so, what do you expect?

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      I like all-mountain better, instead of freerider. It fits my riding and bike better, I think. I ride cross country as well as what you would consider dh/freeride on my Kona. Bombardier has the same type of all-mountain, do anything, bike, so I think he would fit that mold also. Really, how many people purely “freeride”? I couldn’t imagine casting myself into just one discipline of riding.

      Kind of along that line, I was all geared up, pads and the whole dh outfit, riding at Northstar. I was bombing down this trail thinking I was doing good. Next thing I know, some weaney on a hardtail passed me! 😳 Just goes to show you, whether you have a bike with a bunch of travel, or a hardtail, the bike doesn’t make the rider, the rider makes the rider. And yeah, I kicked up the speed a notch, and showed him what it was all about 😈

      Did you guys read the new Bike mag yet? There is an article in there about trail access called “Tread Depth Inequity” by Mike Ferrentino, who is a local up here in NorCal, and the editor of Bike. The article comments about how we are losing trail areas for commercial development, and how the equestrians have out-gunned us on advocacy. One comment he makes relates to a local riding area that we are trying to get reopened to riding. The trails around Lake Oroville have been closed to bikes. Ferrentino says in that article that at a trail access meeting, the local equestrians held up a copy of last years September Bike Mag, which profiled the outlaw trail builder John Finch, and stated that “This is the enemy!”

      I guess what my thoughts boil down to is that most of us ride in a combination of styles, and don’t build illegal stunts and trails. Sure we like to ride the gnarly stuff when we can, but a lot of that new popular image is not necessarily the best. Like what Bombardier stated earlier, most of us like to keep a low profile and avoid unwanted attention.

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      I’m just wondering why there’s this rush to pigeonhole one’s riding style…..

      I’ve noticed a very similar trend in something a world away from mountainbiking…..

      For example: Techno

      Back in the early 90’s, techno was really simple. Sure, there were regional variations of it, but generally, it was all synthesized 4-4 beats laid over either electronic samples or vinyl records.
      But in the late 90’s, techno exploded into a multitude of different styles.

      There was: techno, tech-trance, tech-house, hard-techno, trance, hard-trance, progressive trance, psy-trance, goa-trance, house, hard-house, deep-house, detroit-house, vocal-house, drum&bass, jungle, 2-step, garage, hardcore, happy-hardcore, gabber, ambient, rave, club, and lounge.
      If you went to a rave in 1998, you could nail a person’s techno preference by just the way they talked & dressed (their drugs of choice usually provided hints too). Jungelists were all dreadlocks, talked with a lot of “dood” & “brah”s, and smoked a lot of dope. House-heads wore a lot of JNCO, generally talked like a brotha from Brooklyn, and took in a lot of blow. The trance-kids almost always appeared to be the atypical raver, all dayglow, cheap plastic jewelry, and glowsticks…. Damn e-tards…. 😏

      Anyways, the fracturing of the techno scene allowed for a more widespread mainstream acceptance of techno….. but at the same time it destroyed the techno community, which was very small and intimate when I first got into it.


      I see the same parallels in the mountainbike community. The more fractured and mainstream it gets, the less intimate of a group it becomes. The whole “freeride” thing is just the beginning.

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      Ah whatever. Doesnt matter where, how, when, just [i:2jkrg0hf]RIDE[/i:2jkrg0hf]!!!

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      I have come to a conclusion:


      Not one kind, but all kinds.

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      I love the music analogy; it’s in ALL styles of music, not just techno. But yes, society in general loves to label and pigeon-hole people, styles, sports, hobbies, etc, and it’s all for not.

      Me? I play rock music and I ride my mountain bike. I’ll leave it at face value. 😎

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      Allright go fitch!

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