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      I have a rear wheel set with a Shimano Hub and SRAM 9 speed cassette (11-32). The free wheel hub is trashed, it is grinding very bad.

      Are all freewheel hubs the same? Same spline spacing? Same style of mounting?

      Or do I need a Shimano free wheel hub or a SRAM free wheel hub?

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      What’s grinding? The cassette (the gears) or the freehub (the mechanics inside the hub that allow it to freewheel)?

      The cassette simply slides onto the body of the freehub. The splines on the freehub body of a mtn bike hub are a set standard. So you can use any mix of hubs and cassettes.

      Be sure to replace the chain at the same time you replace the cassette.

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      OK the cassette which is not part of the hub has a standard spacing spline. However the freehub body which contains your ratcheting system is removable and replaceable but can only be replaced with the same Shimano part as these too have a spline that drives the hub.

      You will have to partially take apart the hub to access the single hollow hex through bolt to do this.

      with your wheel off you will have a better idea of what is up. It will be a great idea to repack the bearings at this time as well.

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      I have all the parts off, the cassette is in great shape, just some normal grime inside between the cogs. The free wheel hub or free hub or ratcheting mechanism has some drag in a few spots. I’ve checked everything else out and it looks and feels smooth.

      So I need a Shimano free hub for the Shimano wheel hub. OK. I’m going to the bike shop today to get what I need.


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