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      Planning on being in Fredericksburg VA next week for business and am looking for somewhere to ride after work. The quarry popped up and looks good from a laptop…any local folks have advise on where to go? Thanks.

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      I used to live within 10 minutes of the quarry so it was my "home" trail. It’s not a bad ride but it’s not that fun. Also, I haven’t been out there since all the flooding but I am sure that the lower sections of trail are ruined right now.

      You will have way more fun and a better ride if you go here: [url:188ybfbh][/url:188ybfbh]

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      Sweet…thanks for the info. Never really stopped in Fredericksburg other than to eat when traveling so I don’t know what all is there. I’m bringing the bike and hope to get away from work to do some riding. 😃

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      I haven’t ridden there but I see posts on a local Richmond forum from the riders up there. Check out You might be able to get some good info or local contacts.

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      Thanks for the info fleetwood, I’ll check it out and see where to ride. I just hope work doesn’t get in the way of riding!

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      so did you make it out?

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      No I didn’t…I was bummed. By the time the first training class let out I could have gotten in a couple hours of riding but we had one thunder storm after the next. Thought about getting up early the next morning and going but the strong storm at 5:00 am woke me up and continued through the morning when the second round of classes started. Of course when I had to leave for home late that afternoon things were clearing up. But thanks for the info, I’ll try again the next time I’m there.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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