Frame-specific trail reports.

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      I’m really interested in hearing the different experiences people have with different styles of suspension, brake systems, and dampening setups. The input from everyone here make a great information base.

      I’ll go first.

      My rig has a Suntour Axon D-LO fork, which is a spring fork, and is built like a tank. It’s not as plush as air-forks, but is responsive, and has a remote lock-out feature. It has the tendency to bounce over washboard surfaces, but it takes hits and fast rollers really well.
      It has a Tough-Shox coil-over 2-way rear shock, which sucks. I swapped a Fox coil on it, which improved responsiveness, but the thing still rides like a hard-tail on small bumps.

      The thing that really impresses me though are the Magura Julie hydraulic brakes. I highly recommend these brakes! They’ve put the stops on my roll in some situations that had a very high pucker-factor, and have tons of sensitivity. Modulating them is easy, and they’ve been trouble-free since I’ve gotten the bike.

      I hear a lot about Horst-link/Specialized suspensions being the best, and as mine is a Horst-link, I can say that the suspension is very good at what it does, with little to no pedal or brake interference.

      However, it doesn’t seem nearly as beefy as I’d like it, like a single-pivot system, which causes me to hold back on some of the larger drops and jumps that I’d like to stick.


      Does anybody here have any firsthand on a Marin?

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      I got some pretty decent riding in yesterday around the dune area behind my place. The route I’ve been running on is almost a XC-track.

      Top/Start- Down a fast short straight, over some small rollers, into a flat left, medium rollers. Then down a steep rooty and rock strewn chute. Jump the berm & left turn, down again and over some big rollers, into a small sandy switchback, more small rollers, and out.
      Left on the singletrack and it’s flat and fast here, pick up speed past the ramp and up the first big hillclimb. Turn onto second hillclimb, and it’s really sandy here, to the Top/Start area. One lap.

      My rig handles this type of riding very well. I’ve decided though that the XC-race type tires that are on it aren’t cutting it, so I’m gonna get some Panaracers or Continental knobbies.

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      Have not had a ride on the Marin have talked to riders who love it. Almost a VPP like a Blur but not so locked out.

      I ruined a Marin frame within weeks of buying it. Told the shop the truth on Monday, Monday afternoon shop called back told me the bad news Marin did not have my frame in stock. 😢

      But for $50.00 dollars they would upgrade my frame set to a Team issue their best frame set. Shop called me the next friday to tell me my bike was ready. 😛

      Turns out Marin sent it next day air with a note saying they did not want me to miss a ride. 😃

      Is that great or what

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      I hate you. 😕 😉

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      No worrys another company made up for it with a $2700 burn. The Marin is no my main bike again just can not belive it has gone so many miles.

      Which lets me tell the story often. O.K. both storys 😼 If your still looking for a frame the super light is simple and getting cheaper all the time. I’m a big guy and have beat it to death downhilled it, fourcrossed it, jumped it no cracks yet 😏 BUT

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