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    Not sure what this means (if anything) but thought it could turn into a good discussion. Actually, Fox is owned by Compass Diversified Holdings (basically a private equity company) and they’re the ones buying Camelbak for about $250M. … 1&id=39763

    These types of roll ups in the industry seem to be becoming more common. Dorel has a similar portfolio, owning Cannondale, GT, Mongoose, and Sugoi. Good for consumers? What about product innovation?

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    The story also says that the buy "included $12.5 million of cash and working capital adjustments." That means CamelBak has a bit more spending money now – hopefully that means R&D will be on the upswing and we can expect cool new things from CamelBak!

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    Hmm interesting. I’m not sure what I think philosophically about all of these companies being bunched together into one big conglomerate.

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    Come on guys. If you are wearing a Camel Back your forks will not bottom. I thought you guys could see the big picture. Tha Fat Man has left the building. 😄 Later,

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    Fox Racing is not the same as Fox Racing Shox


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