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      Hey gang, Im running a Fox Float 32 RL on the new bike. Because of my work/travel schedule I leave it stored for a few weeks at a time, so when I do I let some of the air pressure out of the tires and also the suspension.
      When I let pressure out of the fork I also get a little bit of oil blowing back- is this normal?
      There is not a lot but enough that it has me wondering if I have a leaking seal or something- ?

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      Cool, yea its generally just a small amount so I wont worry about it. The first time it happened really caught me off guard and I would have been rinsing out my eye if I hadnt of still had my riding glasses on!
      Live & Learn.

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      Hey Dan its totally normal. In that chamber they have a little bit of Fox Float Fluid that will spit out…Although you don’t have to let the air out of the damper. It won’t really do it any harm keeping it charged.

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