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      I bought a Gary Fisher HIFI 29er a couple of weeks ago and love it! However, can anyone tell me how to set the rear shock? I know the switch makes the bike more stiff if I move it to the right, but whats the dial for underneath the switch? When I move the O ring to the base of the shock, it moves up about 80% when I am riding. Is this normal or do I need to add more air?

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      The ProPedal knob has three settings for firmness of the shock; 1,2 and 3. They get firmer as the number goes up.

      The lever under the knob can be switched to the right of the shock to create an "open" position where the shock is not dampened at all but if you pedal in this open position you will experience a lot of "pedal bob" but going downhill in it is GREAT!

      The dial behind the knob and the lever adjusts rebound; slower rebound of the shock is right and faster is left. Too much rebound will trampoline you off the saddle. Too little and your shock will start to slowly pack down when you hit repeated bumps until you finally aren’t absorbing bumps at all.

      The O-ring normally gets pushed AWAY from the housing of the shock as the shock goes through it’s range of travel. Usually it stops at the largest point of compression that you went through in that particular ride. The closer it is to the bottom of the frame, the bigger hit your shock absorbed.

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      Just a bit of clarification i think what Jeremy wanted to say that to little rebound will launch you…To much rebound will cause the suspension to not rebound fast enough and pack the suspension…Basically if you have a sequence of drops or hit the suspension will absorb the bump but then not rebound quick enough for the second, third and fourth…etc. Consequently you loose travel.

      If you check out Fox’s website you can print the instructions for the shock it will have a convenient pressure chart as well as a reference for your weight…So does Gary Fisher… For Fox the url is: … OM_eng.htm

      For Gary Fisher the url is: … _setup.pdf

      This should help.[/url]

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      Thanks for the answers! This now makes sense. I’ll make the adjustments tomorrow and see what happens!

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