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      Found at North Fruita Desert/18 Road trailhead parking lot
      When I was at the parking lot for the 18 Road trails on October 20th, there was a backpack left and it was still there a couple hours later. I figured that if the owner had realized their mistake, they would have returned within a couple hours. Most likely, they didn’t realize they’d left it til they got home to Denver or wherever. Let me know if you lost one there. I left a note in the parking lot message board, on MTBR, and at Over the Edge in Fruita. 720-771-8195.


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      Anything good inside? 🙂

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      Hi Jeff, it was empty except for some socks and a newborn baby (I mentioned that, right?). It’s a nice pack so I’m sure someone got home and had a real Oh Sh$t! moment.

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      As one who has left items at the trail head I, for one, really appreciate how you have gone out of your way to try to let the owner know.

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        Thank you both. I’m not on FB anymore but feel free to share a link to this thread!

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