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      I can’t stay logged in. Hit & miss.

      I go to ‘reply to topic’, says I ‘must be logged in’. I log in, it kicks me back out (but I’m still logged in), I click on the topic to reply to, and I’m logged back out before I can reply. Forum problem or am I just being stupid again? Jeff? Leah?

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      It happens to me about 25% of the time.

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      103% here.

      Sometimes it simply kicks me to WordPress, offers to send me to the AdminCP. Ummm, no thanks.

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      Has happened to me a couple of times as well.

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      Sorry about that folks.

      We’re updating some things on the back end that might be causing this.

      Are you using the login form using the dropdown menu at the top right? If so, which page are you on when you submit the form? (There’s also a separate, full-page login form that you might have used.)

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      Jeff….it does it to me *usually* when I try to log in from the dropdown on  the upper right when I’m on the FORUMS page but it has also occurred from the main page when I then try to go to the Forums. It actually did it this morning as well. I looked in while on the Forum page and it automatically sent me to the Main page where I showed logged in. I clicked on the Forum tab and I was logged out. I then went back to the Main page before logging in and it allowed me to come back over to the Forum to post this response. 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend. I’m off to Gooseberry Mesa!!


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      What happens is I log in (makes no difference which link I use), and when I go to ‘community/forums’ I’m immediately logged back out. 5 different browsers, same results each time.

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      Sorry folks. We’ve been making some updates to the back end over the past couple months which might be causing the issue.

      Just experimented and found that if I log in, and then hit a forum page that says I’m not logged in, I can refresh the page and then I’m logged in.

      1. Log in to your account.
      2. Go to a thread.
      3. If it says you’re not logged in, try reloading the page.

      Hopefully this is a temporary solution while we track down the issue…

Viewing 7 reply threads

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