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      EDIT: We have a new forum system, so this topic no longer applies.  Now go enjoy the new forums!


      Over the course of the last year, Singletracks forum has gone from a thriving community to a ghost town. Those of us that have kept in touch have a common thread and that’s the fact that staying logged in on the forum is not an easy thing to do. Even though we log into the main site, the forum still thinks we’re anonymous and won’t allow us to post to any topics. I have begun to suspect that many of our friends have given up on trying and moved on to greener and less frustrating pastures. I would like to lure them back with promises of back rubs and bacon. And by that, I mean the ability to log in.

      Any time my forum credentials or my main site login expires, I have to take these steps to be able to use the forum again. Here’s what will get the forum to recognize you:


      If you’ve logged into the site (1) and the forum tells you you’re not logged in (2), then click the link titled “Delete all board cookies” (3). This link can be found at the bottom of every page in the forum.

      If this doesn’t work, then please shoot me an email at <!– e –>[email protected]<!– e –> and I’ll walk you through deleting sitewide cookies for your particular browser. In fact, I’d appreciate an email letting me know what issue you are having even if it’s not related to the login issue. No matter what the problem, I’d love to help you get back to hanging out in the forum.

      There is a thread concerning this issue in the stickies but for me, the instructions stating to log out and back into the main site cause the issue to persist. My solution of <b>only</b> deleting the board cookies is the only thing that gets me posting on the forum again. The new thread is so people can see helpful images without clicking out of the forum and see this solution without reading a whole thread of unrelated responses.

      Come back to the Singletracks forum. We have cookies*.

      [size=50:bftgmmtq]* No we don’t.[/size:bftgmmtq]

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      Great suggestion, thanks!

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      Thanks for the note schwim. Admittedly we’ve neglected the forums lately. 😢


      – As you mentioned, logins are buggy. There are certain parts of the forums that even the moderators can’t access!

      – The forums are not responsive. A few months ago we converted most of the pages on Singletracks to be mobile responsive… but not the forums. If I’m on a phone, I’m not going to try to use the forums (unless I have Tapatalk, though that’s still a hassle.)

      – Technical stuff. I don’t want to get into all the issues with PHPBB3 but basically there are a lot of cons to investing in it any further.

      So… our plan is to migrate to another system. Unfortunately, as forum usage contracts, it becomes less of a priority which just makes fewer people use it etc. There’s also the whole social media thing–people are Tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking each other and generally seem to be slightly less interested in forums these days.

      Anyway, fixing the forums is still on our to-do list, sadly it’s just hard to say when we’ll be able to get to it. 😏

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      Hi there Jeff, it’s really good to see you and hope you’re doing well.

      I can’t speak of the other issues of the forum as I don’t know what they are but I think your issue referenced in this thread could be resolved by placing the cookie destroy function into the forum auth check(I think I discussed this with you ages ago over pizza).

      [code:2gzn9bgm]<main site auth check>
      <if logged in>
      <phpbb auth check>
      <if anon>
      <cookie destroy function>
      <phpbb login with uid from main site>
      <header redirect to current phpbb page so they see the logged in page>

      I understand your position on the value of the forum vs. the more-used social networks but since you admit that the forum upgrade is likely to come to pass just after the world agrees on Coke versus Pepsi, it couldn’t hurt to fix some of the smaller issues that the forum currently suffers, could it? Not too long ago, this was a pretty hopping place to hang. I can’t believe that everyone left because they found the site on Facebook but probably quite a few tired of the hiccups like the bridged auth system having some quirks.

      I know I’m not the only caveman that doesn’t use social networks and would hate to lose this community.

      I hope you guys are doing well down south 😀

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      Thanks for the pseudo-code schwim! I’ll take a look, hopefully it’s an easy fix. 😀

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      Thanks Schwim. I figured I was the only one who had the issue. At least the work around is easy enough.

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      Very nice to see you again, Jarrett. Hope to see you around a bit 😀

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      Good news: New forum software is almost ready! Hope to get it launched this week…

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      Wow, very exciting news! Thanks for the fix, sir!

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      New forums are here! They’re not perfect (yet) but going forward this should be easier to maintain. The new system is BBPress which doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that PHPBB did but simple is better, right? 🙂

      Post any questions or issues you run into and we’ll do our best to get everything sorted out.

      For now, private messages haven’t been migrated from PHPBB to BBPress so you can find all your old messages over there. Also, topic subscriptions weren’t moved over… looking into moving those as well.

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      Woohoo, thanks for the new forums, Jeff!

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