Forte Pisgah MTB tires… Bargain or Bullsh*t?

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      So I ride a dual squish rig in the PacNorWest… mostly in the Puget Sound area. I have found that in this (always) wet environment with tons of exposed roots and mud at the bottom of every drop I must be retarded to keep riding WTB VelociRaptors. So I have asked allot of local riders what I should ride and 95% have sworn by the Kenda Nevegal… but I’m on a budget. So anybody out there ride Performance Bikes store brand-Pisgah 2.1’s? Thanks for the help!

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      I’ve been running a 2.3 Pisgah on the rear for a while now, and they’re nothing special but I’d still call it a "Bargain". It’s really a pretty decent tire. I believe Forte built to spec by Maxxis, the main difference (with a Maxxis tire) being that it’s a really soft compound, so it might be a stretch to get a whole season of riding out of ’em.

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