Formula C1 Brakes Gone Bad?

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      I have a set of Formula C1 Brakes on my wife’s mountain bike. The bike is older (~2005) but has been used very little. We bought it used. Recently both brakes started bottoming out and didn’t stop the bike all the way. I assumed I just needed to bleed them. I’ve bled the front brakes 3 times and each time when I get it all put back together the lever completely bottoms out with no braking performance. I’m sure I bled them properly. After examination, I’m thinking the entire lever assembly is just broken. It’s like all the seals are toast since it’s older and has sat a long time. I can see fluid come out where the line meets the lever, it’s tight.

      So rather than buy new lines only to find out that the entire thing is dead I’m thinking I might just need to get a complete new set of brakes. Is it common for a brake set to just completely fail and need replaced?

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      You need to diagnose what is leaking. Doesn’t matter what system, what age… Leaks are leaks.

      Might just need new parts at the lever fitting to solve the problem. With fresh parts, remake the connection and do not over tighten the fittings.

      Leaking from the cylinder would have fluid dripping from the open end of the cylinder where the lever linkage enters to operate the piston.

      Sort the leak, get parts for the issue at hand and solve the problem…


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