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    Hi ya

    Im trying to id the forks on my bike so I can service and also I wish to value for insurance. Ive tried all kind of google search and have contacted chain reaction, whom told me they were straight 1 1/8″ steerer diameter. Ive tried contacting the seller but they havent replied.

    The only number I can find is this…

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    I can tell you 2 things for sure –

    1) Your fork has a serial number.

    2) Your fork is blue.

    More info, or a pic of the whole fork, and you’ll get even more info.



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    From the picture it appears that your fork has a 1 1/8″ straight steerer tube. Modern mountain bikes have come with tapered steerer tubes for more than 10 years. So that makes your fork pretty old. Given it’s age, I would say that the fork is worth almost nothing. I can’t identify the fork, but I guessing a bike mechanic who’s been wrenching for many years could. I bet they would have no problems servicing your fork if parts are available. Check with your local bike shop.

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    I had the same problem,but now its ok. I saw this post with some advices. Thank u guys)

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    worldwide cycler hooked me up with the model of my rockshox forks just give them an email


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    It’s hard to tell – could be a Suntour, might not be. I can tell you that it’s definitely not Fox or Rockshox and isn’t anything high end, probably not worth bothering to pay for any servicing more than a lower leg service.


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