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      Hey all,

      I’ve been looking to do some upgrading to my Bronson. I currently have the Fox Float 34 that came stock on it. I have never really been in love with the small bump compliance/ dampness of the ride. I’ve had it in the shop a bunch fussing with air, rebound, and whatnot but we still cant get the front end dialed in.

      The two big contenders so far are the Fox Float 36 in 160 mil or the Pike Dual in 160.

      I know a lot depends on where I ride. Here, it’s roots-a-plenty with just as much climbing as descending. I do get to ride the occasional buff stuff but it is definitely a mixed bag.

      I appreciate your thoughts.

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      The SR Suntour Auron might be a nice choice, not sure on your budget but it’s cheaper than the Fox, pretty easy to dial in and service.  Definitely good with small bumps and the appropriate rebound.

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      The SR Suntour Auron is excellent it’s 90% the performance of a Pike at half the cost. It’s little brother, the Aion, is even more of a bargain, but not quite as good as the Auron.

      Does your current Fox fork have the CTD damper? If so, that thing sucks, and it’s never going to ride how you want it to. Another option, instead of plunking down a bunch of cash for a new fork is to replace the damper in your current fork. Check with PUSH Industries or Suspension Experts to see what your options are:

      If you’re set on getting a new fork you can’t go wrong with either the Fox 36 or RockShox Pike although I would personally lean towards the Pike. It’s currently my favorite fork.

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      I recently demoed a bike with a DVO Diamond fork that had outstanding small bump sensitivity without sacrificing anything in the way of big hit ability.  It was the best fork I’ve used in continuous small chunk.  They are on the very pricey side though.

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