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      Its time to upgrade my 80mm travel entry level Giant Revel 29er fork. Been looking at Rock Shox but get a little confused with all the different models. would like to get a good one but not spend to much as it is a entry level bike. I ride mostly singletrack XC in Florida. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig

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      Is that a straight steerer (from the pictures I can find it looks like this is what you have) or tapered steerer fork?  That will make a difference in what you can buy.  Next question is do you have disc brakes or v-brakes?

      A straight steer means the tube (goes from the top of your fork crown through the headset and is what the stem and bars connects to) is 1-1/8″ from top to bottom.  A tapered steerer is 1.5″ on the bottom and 1-1/8″ on the top.

      Good option for disc only straight steerer:

      Cheaper straight steerer option:


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      Thanks gar29, that looks like what I’m looking for right there. It does have a straight steerer and disc brakes.

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      I recently blew out the stock fork on my Specialized Hardrock and upgraded it to the RockShox Recon Silver.

      I ride a 26″ which is what the link is for, but I’m sure they make one for the 29er. From talking to the manager at my LBS he said that the Recon is a great upgrade from the coil spring the stock fork had. He also told me that the fork that came stock with my bike was designed for more bikepath/gravel use, which explains how I destroyed it.

      I haven’t put that many miles on the new fork, but it is way lighter than what I had stock! My bike feels lighter when I’m getting the front wheel over rocks/roots/logs. The 100mm of travel is plenty for the general trail riding I do, I would say more XC than anything. The RockShox also feels way more plush out on the trails.

      Hope this helps you out!

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      These are nice

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      I upgraded to Rockshox gold TK 30 for less than 300 from CRC.  Much improvement over the stock coils I had on my Talon.  They make 1 1/8″ straight steerer. It handles some decent intermediate technical trails.  I recommend for a decent upgrade to a XC bike that wont break the bank.

      for a 29er.

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