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      I’m not getting out riding much, but one of the things I want to do this year is to get my fork set up a bit better for my riding style. I have a RockShox Revelation RC from 2018 on my hardtail, and I haven’t done a whole lot other than set the sag and figure out approximately where I like the compression damper.

      Because of the weather and current events, though, I’m not really going anywhere, so I’m not going to be testing my fork tune on the trail anytime soon.

      So here’s your coronavirus quarantine challenge: how would you try to figure out if your fork was tuned correctly around your neighborhood? If you were mainly an XC-style rider who doesn’t get much more technical than semi-regular rock gardens and occasional 2-foot drops, what tests would you do?

      Hit a curb and make sure it doesn’t pop violently back up? Take it off an 18-inch drop and see if it hits 75% compression? Ride it up a steep hill and around some sharp corners to see if it stays high in the travel?

      (I realize this isn’t an optimal way of setting up your fork. But I have real limited options here and I want to do some trail-related things in my spare time. Hit me with your creative ideas, just for the hell of it!)

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