Fork Travel 150mm on a Hardtail that uses 120mm?

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      Can a 120mm travel Hardtail support a 150mm travel fork?

      Just askin I have plans on doing so if december deals come I usually wait till december.


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      You can put a 150 on there, but your gonna change the geometry of the bike quite a bit.  May be pretty tough climbing with it.

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      No, you’ll die!


      Actually, outside of my commuters or CX bikes there aren’t any hard tails I’ve owned that I did not over fork. Sure, a flimsy fork or a cheap alloy frame may be suspect, but otherwise have at it.

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      As already mentioned, geometry will change a bit.  I’ve done this on a couple of bikes… gone from 80-120 (XC hard tail) , and 100 to 130 (XC full suss).  In both cases the front ends felt slightly lighter, but not so much to feel like they would wonder off the line.  For me, the results were good and made both bikes feel less like a crouched over XC race ride, and slightly more trail-ish and comfortable.  What’s interesting is, that since these bike’s original geometry was meant to be a little lower, softening up the front ends a little more then normal to allow full travel easier didn’t make them feel like they were dipping too much when getting close to the bottom of their travel.  I did swap the stem (a little higher) and bars (a little more rise) on the full suspension along with the longer fork to make it even more trail like, and that too worked well once I got used to sliding my body back a little more on really steep punchy technical  climbs.  Those changes really improved its descending capabilities.  Kinda fun playing with geometry…

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