Fork replacement.

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      I have a 1996 Giant ATX 760. It has the stock fork on it and I was looking to upgrade. I was curious if a Rockshox Dart 3 would be compatible with this? I don’t know what it takes to be compatible and if a description of something on the bike is needed for assistance, I’ll do my best to explain with text and pictures. Thanks.[url:3rgxhjfe][/url:3rgxhjfe]

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      From what I see, that won’t work. Todays forks has other standards 1 1/8" and this is a 1"(???)

      Edit: Here are the standarts for forks and headsets. I assume you have a threaded headset and the Dart 3 is desinged for a-head

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      Thanks. I’m not quite sure, I was going to take it into a shop to get some ideas.

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      You have a 1" threaded headset and the fork you mention, and most other modern ones, are all 1 1/8" threadless. They are not compatible with each other.

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      I go to my LBS and let them put the fork on the bike. Only issue is you have to rub your neck and write a check. It is more expensive but there are no worries. Get a for brand they sell so future service and parts won’t be a problem. Pay it and enjoy it = Priceless. 😄 Later,

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