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      What is the proper lube (if any) to use on forks, shocks, dropper posts?

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      What part of these parts are you lubing?

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      The shafts that slide in and out of their respective “housing”

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      There are some dedicated stanchion lubes but generally you just keep these areas clean. I have used finish line “dry” as well as other similar products sparingly around the dust seals then wiped of excess. It helps with stiction but definitely attracts more dirt so you have to apply, wipe, cycle then wipe again. All dedicated products as far as I know contain teflon.

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      I second BBelfield about focusing on keeping these areas clean. I’ve seen the experts go both ways on whether to lube or not lube the stanchions, but everyone will agree the most important part is keeping them clean. For what its worth, I don’t use any product and I’ve never had issues. If you do choose a lube product, keep it minimal or it will just start gunking up the external surfaces, and who knows whats going on internal.

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      Perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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      You should definitely keep the stanchions (shafts) clean. Wipe the dirt and dust off with a clean rag. Forks have internal lubricant (like an engine) inside the lowers. You don’t need to apply any lubricant externally.

      Like others here have said that will just attract dirt and other abrasives and jam them into your lowers. When you do lower leg service (every 1-2 years) you replace/top off oil. I don’t recommend applying any lube to fork externals. Just a simple rag wipe down.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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