Fork noise and rebound dial issue!

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      I have a suntour epicon 120mm fork with less than one season on it. When I sit on the bike and pull up on the handlebars the fork makes a relatively noisy “knock” sound. From my understanding this is caused by the rebound being too fast. When I went to adjust the rebound I came to find that the dial was harder than normal to turn, and it never stopped  turning (went well past 30 turns). So I tried to pull the dial out of the fork and when it came out the hex key portion was still in the fork. So I was just holding the dial.

      I got the hex key out of the fork and put it back into the dial portion. I held the hex key portion of the rebound adjuster with pliers and twisted the dial portion with my hand and it spun (with mild force) without the hex key moving.

      Just so it’s out there, when I got the fork the round adjuster worked. Somewhere down the line of adjusting my rebound out on the trail it just stopped working apparently… the fork still holds air and is smooth.

      I have two questions.

      Is the knocking caused by the rebound being too fast?

      Is the rebound dial broke, or am I looking at a bigger problem in the fork?


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      FIXED IT!
      As I suspected the rebound dial was broke, and the rebound was set on the fastest setting. I took out the dial and the hex key and loosened the nut, then used another hex key I had in my tool box to turn the rebound down quite a bit.
      Pumped the fork back up and yanked upward on the handlebars and there was absolutely no sound!

      I hope this helps someone out.

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