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      This video I created is of the Dh race at Fontana CA June 1 2008 I would like to hear what you think!

      Ps: this is the first of 3 from this race

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      The quality is decent however when you use the effects and do the black thing..I could live without it..If you could time the music and cuts to when the riders land that would be cool, more rhythmic..I like the last bit when it changes shades…What would look neat is the brownish shade that old black and white photo’s fade too.

      Nice….Now if you only had a cable cam and followed a few riders..That would take it to another level.

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      Ya in the next video i am looking at some overall color effects. A cable cam would be easy for me to build I have looked into the parts etc for some other videos. At Fontana it would look great but it would require some heavy equipment to get the rig points. See like most of LA area fontana is desert and has no trees. This race is at the top of the hill so getting a cable cam would require either truss or a crane.

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