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      I’m from the Lansing mi area and can’t find many flowy trails. Anyone know of any good trails that are more flow style? Anywhere in the state and even northern OH and Indiana is good.

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      colorado haha drive there buffalo creek campground has tons of loop trails and its free to camp up to 2 weeks … talk about an epic mountain bike road trip

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      Brown County trails (IMBA Epic), Imagination Glen near Portage, IN.

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      @cody Hopefully I can get out to Colorado in the next year. I would absolutely love it there. @stumpyfsr that looks like a great place and only 3 hours away! Might just be my next weekend spot!

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      DTE flow trails. Not too far from Poto.

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      I wouldn’t call the following “flow trails”, but there are some really good rides fairly near you:  The Pota (Potawatomi) (in the Pinckney RA), Fort Custer RA, Brighton RA, Pontiac Lake, Novi Tree Farm, Milford Trail, and Maybury.  All these trails are within an hour of Lansing.  You can read about all of them here on Singletracks.  Some I have ridden.  Some are on my wish list.

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      DTE is close to you and and a lot of fun. Almost every turn is banked, but you have to earn your speed because there is not a lot of elevation. There is enough, I really liked it. I will also second the Brown County State Park vote.  It’s not in your backyard but a good weekend trip.

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      Bonneville Mill in Northern Indiana is fun too. Not sure it is worth a trip on its own because the elevation isn’t huge, but it is all flow.

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      The top of your state (Copper Harbor) has some world class flow.   Haven’t been to Brown County since they’ve added flow but the trails are amazing.  Seems like little flow sections are popping up everywhere these days.

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