Float X2 rebuild?


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      Hey all,

      I’ve got a ‘22 fox factory float x2 that’s been giving me some problems. Actually, it’s the whole bike; i bought it off some prick on pinkbike who never told me about all the mechanical problems (cracked rear wheel, dropper rebuild, new chain, new jockey pulleys, and probably a lot im forgetting. don’t judge me, i spend $1k getting down to him. it was still a pretty good price, even with all the damn problems.) anyways, im getting carried away. The float x2 is leaking a tiny bit of pressure every time it compresses (probably lose around 15psi on a normal ride) and it’s got that typical fluid-moving noise on compress. i’m just wondering if an air can seal replacement would fix it, or if it would require a complete rebuild. would it also be okay if i rode it the way it was for a couple more months?

      thanks for your help!

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