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      Hi, im looking to my first xc bike im not doing hard trails or anything, im between the Trek marlin 5 and the Gt outpost Expert, the gt has a better fork i think, but the Trek has a lot of Bontrager parts they are the same price what should i do?

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      I’d personally saving up and expanding your options. I’d look for a bike with a 1x drivetrain and thru-axles for the frame and fork though admittedly, I don’t know what price point they start at.

      If I was forced to choose between your two bikes listed, I’d go with the Trek because you’ll at least have dealer support at Trek stores wherever you are. Keep in kind that those tires it comes with won’t be worthy on anything other than a graded dirt path.

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        Yeah, i think ill go with the marlin5, than if i think its necessary i’ll upgrade it to something better, anyway thanks man !

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      I would certainly tell you to go with the Trek. It looks like that GT is a sporting goods store bike. Meaning it’s better than a department store and might be put together better as well. With the Trek you’ll get a bike that not only has frame size options, was built by people who know what they are doing but also you’ll probably get some sort of service package with it.

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      Go with the one that’s most comfortable and that is in your price range.  Getting out on the trails is the important bit.  The latest trend isn’t so important.

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      Hey Bud, i just got back into the Biking Groove, having taken a few years off due to getting married and what not, but i recently bought a 2020 Trek Marlin-6 and i Love it! Its a great entry level bike and i would recommend it to anyone looking to jump on a XC type Mtn Bike. It was either the marlin 5 in lime green which i loved, or a marlin 6 in blue which had better components and having done a Metric crap ton of research i chose the Marlin 6 and dont regret it one bit! Money well spent and didnt break my bank. Ride on Brother! Hope this helps you or anyone faced with a similar situation. 🤙✌️

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