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      Well I bit the bullet and got the Edge 705. Had my first ride with it last night after work.

      I went down the [color=darkblue:14nmhrei][i:14nmhrei]Glade Trail[/i:14nmhrei][/color:14nmhrei]from my house and tried a few things. One thing I have to be careful is you tend to want to play with it while you are riding. Not a smart move…

      I noticed a few things. A couple of spikes of speed in the results. Is this normal? Also a few times the heart rate dropped to zero? ( I’m still alive so I know my heart must still be pumping )

      Also is there a easy way to edit the data? If I’m going to post the ride, I would want the ride to start at the beginning of the trail, not at a parking lot or from my front door.

      Maybe tonight after work, I’ll try to ride the same trail and see if I can use this data as my guide.

      It surprised me how quickly I could get it installed, figured out enough to get the data uploaded and displayed on the computer. I need to work more with the menu’s to get more familar with them. I want to change the display to show some different info, I know you can do it. I guess I need to RTFM. The problem is the manual is only on the CD and it’s not convenient. Maybe time to print it out and read it cover to cover.

      Anyway. Expect some uploads once I figure this out some more. Maybe I’ll even post a few pictures of the mounting on my bike if that’s of interest to those here on the forum. The mounting instructions seemed a little terse as far as the alignment went, but everything seems to work. Heart rate and Cadence etc.

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      Speed spikes are definitely normal, as are elevation spikes (depending on whether your GPS has a barometric altimeter or not) and even errant waypoints and trackpoints are quite common. GPS isn’t perfect and I dare say it never will be since things like tree cover and weather can affect your signal reception – though this is getting to be less of an issue with newer models.

      Editing GPS data is a real art and unfortunately I can’t recommend a single piece of software to get the job done. To create the maps on singletracks, for example, we run the data through Mac GPS Pro, a text editor (like notepad), and TopoFusion to get the things cleaned up. I like Garmin’s MapSource software since it does allow you to chop individual waypoints and trackpoints, though it isn’t my primary means of editing the data. For most tasks a plain old text editor works best – how 2008 is that for ya? ;)

      What software does the 705 come with out of the box? Are the topo maps pre-loaded or do you have to load specific map areas like on the GPSMap 60? Definitely post the pics – we want details!

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      My unit came with a Base Maps and a 2GB microSD card with NA maps on it. Also mine came with the Cadence and Heart monitor. This was all part of the REI bundlethat I bought.


      As far as software, NIL. Nada A CD with the operators manual. The manual has two links to garmin where you [color=darkblue:308xgz33][i:308xgz33]download Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center.[/i:308xgz33] [/color:308xgz33]

      I also picked up the 2008 TOPO maps DVD. This has some software and I downloaded to my GPS the local TOPO maps. I’m not sure when I look at the GPS map on the display if I’m really seeing TOPO data. I know it is there because the Menus show it.

      I’ll take some pictures of some of the screens and post them. Also I’ll try and edit the points using the MapSource program.

      I’m not a bit notepad text person. I’d rather use TextPad or the editor with Visual Studio. Stay tunded to further updates as I learn more…

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      I got my 605 from Garmin last week and I hope to be able to review it on the blog late this week. Definitely post your review of the 705 once you’ve had a chance to check it out, I’d love to hear what you think!

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