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      Hi guys. I am buying my first proper mtb. I am curently riding a cheapo xc mtb from dechatlon. In my town everyone rides xc bikes cause my local trails are not really techy(hardpack,a few roots,no big rocks). But I am planning to take my bike to more demanding trail centres(really rocky,rooty,steep,techy). I want to race local xc series and maybe try some enduros. Should I buy a xc  hardtail or a trail hardtail?If you know some good hardtails let me know. My budget is around  700 euros(I am from Croatia) I like cilmbing as much as descending. Btw I can get good deals on used xc bikes from my LBS.

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      I would test ride both and see what feels better. If you are really intent on racing, I would look for a high end XC bike. They typically weigh less than a trail bike and can still take on rougher trails. Also, consider swapping out tires and possibly wheels when racing vs riding aggressive trails to balance the speed, traction and shock absorption properties.

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      700 euros isn’t much to spend for a bike.  Pesonnally, I would stay away from XC bikes unless you actually intend to race and then you need to spend a lot more to get something light enough to be competitive.  Instead, I would be looking at the hardtail trailbikes like the $999 Rocky Mountain Growler and $899 Calibre Line 29 .  These bikes have good progressive geometry and are well specced for the price.

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