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      SO im looking at buying my first MTB for commuting and casual MTB trails and downhill. Im on possibly the smallest budget ever. So i thought this was the best i can do with the money i have. Whats your opinion? [url:1f6nolxp][/url:1f6nolxp]

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      I’m not familiar with Calibre bikes, but that doesn’t look like a bad deal. If you want to go with a 29er instead of the 26" wheels, which could be better for commuting and beginner trails, the Airborne Guardian is a comparable bike for the same price. I would assume (not positive) that you can get them in the UK. The price conversion works out the same.

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      Thanks for the reply. Calibre bikes are made by the company gooutdoors. The reveiw they got from the mountainbike uk magzine was amazing and rated best bike for its price range. But the bike you have suggested looks really good. I just realised i can get the calibre two two for £270 because my girlfriend has staff discount 😃

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      Although the Airborne bikes are good, if you have a discount available and trust the reviews then its hard to pass that up…
      Let us know what you end up doing.

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      Sounds like a great deal! Gotta love a good discount!

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