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      I have been researching bikes a ton over the past several weeks.  If it wasnt for covid19, Id have probably already impulse bought something.  I want to get out and get some exercise and ride with my 7 year old son.  Im guessing mostly singletrack type stuff.  Nothing crazy, at least for a while.  Ive been trying to stay around the $500-600 range which I know what I’m getting for that price range.  The bikes that I seem to keep coming back to are the 2020 Giant Talon 3 ($550), the 2019 Marin Bobcat Trail 4 (sale price $600), and recently been looking into the Motobecane Fantom 2.5 Eagle ($700 shipped) It comes with a 1×12 drive and a dropper post which I know arent cheap.  Im having a hard time finding info on the Motobecane.  I dont know how much it weighs, but they do list the components.

      Ive read that the bikesdirect stuff is pretty decent especially for the price.  I definitely like the idea of a 1x, but know I could convert the other if need be.  Ill put the list to the specs and maybe there is something that someone with more experienced eyes would steer away from.  Thanks a ton.


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      Your probably going to get responses telling you to spend more. All three of these bikes are a good place to start as a beginner and your price range is fine. If you know what you are looking for and at Pinkbike and Craigslist can have good deals on used bike where you get more bike for your money. You are in the right range as far as what you are looking at. 1x drivetrain is recommended. Saves weight but most importantly it simplifies the bike and one less thing to maintain or break. Maybe do a little research on shocks. Major component that is costly to fix or replace. I would say a good shock is in my top three features I look at in a bike. As you have time keep researching. Listening to different perspectives helps. Also eventually there can be information overdose. Eventually you have to decide what matters to you and what you are willing to wait and add to bike later or upgrade later. You need a bike and to work on skills first. Welcome to mountain biking. My guess is once you start riding it will be addictive as it is to most on this site.

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      The Motobecane has a better spec, but the frame looks like a cheap catalogue frame (ie not designed by the people selling it, they simply slap a badge on something cheap designed and produced out east). I’ve seen a few Motobecane bikes come into my shop for repair and they’re not good quality.

      It’s better to spend the money on something with a better frame from a reputable company in my opinion. Marin and Giant have large dealer networks with good support in case anything goes wrong. The frames are also likely better quality and better handling since the brands selling the bike in this case design the frames and geometry themselves. Since the frame is one of the last things you’ll upgrade, if ever, it’s worth spending the money for a good one. To me the Marin looks like the best bike of the bunch by far.

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      I think hardtails are best with 29×2.6 tires.  Here are some bikes I like that have models that are closer to $1000.

      Salsa Rangefinder

      Rocky Mountain Growler

      If you can spend closer to $1000 you will get a much better bike.


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      Welcome and as you are getting more into MTB you’ll want to be upgrading your bike,which will turn to be more expensive in the long run… I would suggest to invest around $900 and you’ll get a significant better MTB… The easiest way to do it is through financing. Nowadays many brands accept PayPal and/or Affirm financing so you can pay in 6 to 12 months with 0% interest rate.

      As per the bike I would recommend to check the Vitus Sentier or Nukeproof Scout (Chainreaction cycles) or Polygon Siskiu D5 or Xtrada 7.0…  These are better options for almost the same money in my opinion. Check them out.  Bike Nerd posted great options. Wish you luck in your search.

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      If I was buying new, I would spend more money ($1500)

      If I was buying used, then the price you are thinking about is ok.

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      Appreciate the feedback as I learn the ins-and-outs of the sport.  I’m definitely leaning towardds spending a little more.  Not $1500 but maybe closer to $900.  Ive seen some 2019 Salsa Timberjacks (deore) for around that, and I like the Vitus Nucleus VRS as an option, though they are out of stock right now.  Definitely think I want a 1x drivetrain.

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        Definitely go 1×12 if you can. To me, big difference over a 2×9. The bike will definitely feel different in more ways than one.

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