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      Hi guys I’m trying to choose my first full suspension bike on a budget… I have narrowed it down to these three from what’s available All around the £1600-£1800 mark.

      2017 Kona precept 150

      2017 Scott Spark 760

      2017 Orbea Occam AM H50

      which would you recommend?

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      You have three different levels of travel there,  what kind of riding do you do? How technical of trails do you ride? And are you a fast or slow rider?

      The Kona 150mm suspension is a border line enduro/downhill bike you could do some pretty knarly stuff but probably would not climb as well as the others. The scott 120mm suspension is a bike better for medium technical trails, Obrea 140mm suspension could be better for more technical trails.

      I personally would probably go with the Kona, but the Orbea looks pretty sweet too. But, I would want to test ride them first. I test road a new Pivot 429 and was surprised that I really didn’t like it at all. I road a friends older Pivot 427 and liked it a lot. even similar bikes from year to year can feel different.

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      Check out the kona precept 130, my family and I rented 4 of them and rode the hell out of them in Crested Butte and everybody including myself really like the bike.

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      • BThanks guys I’m a fair to intermediate rider I’ll ride anything from easy trails to some gnarlier stuff… I have a Specialized Rockhopper Sport hardtail for the easier stuff so I’m looking for a bike I can give some stick…

      I did look at the precept 130 they look great but I want to make the right choice. Plus there’s only £100 between the 130 and the 150

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      I’m also looking at the Occam H50. My trip bike is an Orbea, and she is perfect for me; awesome fit, and built for nothing else but to go as fast as I can.

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