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      Had my first crash on the trail last Saturday. Busted my knee pretty bad and my right ankle had a pretty bad scratch. I’m not sure what happened or what I landed on. It all happened so fast.

      Well, the scratch on my ankle became seriously infected because I didn’t treat it/clean it properly right away. Went to the doctor a few days ago and they gave me tetanus shot and antibiotics. The nurse joked that they were going to have to amputate my foot. Ha!

      This has been a learning experience. Next time I get a "minor" scratch I will take it more seriously.

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      Way to get initiated!! Congrats!

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      Welcome to the club, you can now consider yourself a mountain biker. at least on one level.

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      Ouch 😳 😮

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      welcome to pain

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      Thank you, Thank you all 😳 😆

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      Coming home once after getting to know "dirt" my at the time 6yr greeted me at the door. After looking at her very muddy and bloody dad closed the door and started yelling at mom "Tell dad to go out back and use the hose before you let him in" Kids say the darnest things!

Viewing 6 reply threads

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