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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello, I’m getting into mountain biking, its been 15 years since i was tearing up the tracks on a BMX, I have a budget so i would like to not go over 1k if possible, I’m set on a 29er hardtail I think and I will be riding decent trails with the occasional roads to get there and maybe around the streets as exercise, I would like to have a bike that I can modify as i enjoy doing that type of stuff so it has to have the ability to be upgraded in the future if need be so I’m not too worried about super high quality components right out of the gate. Located in southern California for reference of availability.
      I was looking at the 2019/2020 GT avalanche any experience/opinions or comments on it? I was also looking at the Nukeproof scout but that’s a little harder to obtain and a little more then i really want to spend if i dont have too.
      Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you</p>

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      $1K is a good price point for some quality hardtails. I don’t have experience with the GT Avalanche you mention, but don’t get too concerned about trying to find the “perfect” bike. Find one that seems comfortable and then ride the crap out of it and don’t look back! If you really get into it, chances are you’ll be looking at an upgrade in 2 or 3 seasons.

      A few other suggestions: big fan of 1X gear system (which means no derailleur in the front) and I strongly recommend a dropper post. If you do go with a hardtail, look for “plus” tires – a little wider (about 2.8″) will suck up smaller roots and rocks nicely.

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      Check out these hardtails.

      $1250 Vitus Sentier 29 VR

      Or these full-sus bikes.

      $2000 Vitus Mythique 29 VRS

      $2300 YT Jeffsy 29 Base

      $2200 Commencal Meta TR 29 Origin BRG 2021

      These are some very well equipped bikes at a very good price.


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      You may try Rocky Mountain Growler 20.

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      I have a gt avalanche sport 2019 but i think its better to go with avalanche comp 2020 because its got 1x drivetrain and a actual triple triangle

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