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      Cool, glad to hear you had fun. Get some gloves. Go Tubeless. I’m 5’7″ around 155, I’m on a 29 x 2.6 tires, and running about 22-23 lbs.

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      Picked up my new Roscoe 8 today. I haven’t riden in about 15 years. Got out and did almost 9 miles of trails today around a local reservoir. It felt so great to ride again, I felt pretty comfortable right from the start….accept my rear end is rather sore. The trails are mostly flat with a few short DH sections and tight turns. Almost smoked a deer that crossed the trail in front of me. That would have hurt! Anyhow, such a great sense of freedom to be out riding again. Glad to be getting back into it! Looking forward to meeting a few folks to ride with.

      Thank you to those who talked me out of buying an expensive bike to start with. The Roscoe was a joy to ride  very comfortable and responsive. It gripped the trails so well. A couple of things I noticed were that the grips felt very slippery in my sweaty hands, and I think I want to soften the air pressure a little bit next time for a little more cushion. My hands and wrists were really cramping on the last couple of miles. I was riding with 30lbs front and back. I didn’t really know where to start in regards to pressure. What do you guys recommend?



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      Matt7082  I posted the question about tire pressure a few weeks ago. Got a few responses. You can go back a couple of pages and look for a forum with my name labeled ‘tire pressure’. Below is my favorite response I got and found the most useful.

      When Stan’s started making tubeless rims, they used a pretty good formula that you can still use as a starting point.

      Riding weight in pounds divided by 7 = X psi.  Front: X – 1 psi, Rear: X + 2 psi

      At 220 pounds, you would start with 30 psi front and 33 psi rear.

      I would start there and drop 1 psi each ride until you find the pressure that works best for you.


      This formula came out when tires and rims where a good bit narrower so don’t be surprised if you end up several psi lower.

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      A couple suggestions: 1) You should try dropping a few pounds of pressure – sweet spot for me is between 25-28psi but that is with full squish and 2.2″ rims – I try to go just above the point where it feels like the tire is “rolling under” the turns. With your 2.8″ you might be able to go even lower. 2) strongly recommend gloves for the slippery grips – most grips are designed to work with gloves, rather than bare palms. I like 3/4 but most guys go full finger. 3) not uncommon that your wrists and arms were cramping – it takes time to build them up. Pushups work wonders for building endurance, and try to focus on keeping more weight on your feet rather than hands. I have to constantly remind myself “heavy feet, light hands.”

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      The Trek Roscoe 8 comes with 27.5×2.8 tires on inner width i40mm rims.   At 165 pounds, I would use 17 psi.  I would add or subtract 1 psi for every 15 pounds heavier or lighter you are, respectively.  If you weighed about 195 you should try 19psi.   Don’t over pressure Plus tires or you will lose the benefits of wider tires and rims.

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      Great info, I appreciate it! For the record, I am 5’7” 210lbs. I’m not a small guy. I started at 30lbs front and rear and expected them to be a bit too hard, but that’s where I chose to start. Tomorrow I will soften them up a pound or two and see how it feels.

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