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      So I finally pulled the trigger and decided to go with the 2017 Giant Trance 2.   My LBS had it on a crazy sale and I couldn’t justify spending so much more on the other bike I was considering.

      Having said that, I’m new to the FS world and there is no guide on the stanchions of the Rythm(unlike on the RockShox forks) and I’m not quite sure how to get it dialed in for my weight.  I’m 5’8″ and weigh 185 lbs.  I know that it depends a lot of how someone likes to ride and/or if they like it firm or squishy.    But there has to be some sort of General guide on how to set it up for noobs such as myself.

      My LBS guy wasn’t sure either.  Long story short, he didn’t explain it very well to me.

      Thanks a bunch

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      Took me 2 minutes… Please Google before you ask.

      86 psi.

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      Without getting snippy, I can say that you can find technical info on just about any part of your bike with a basic web search.  Each of the OEMs that has produced components for your bike will have web sites with just about everything you may need to know for each component.  Of course, we’re always glad to help if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

      That said, basic suspension setup for your size and weight is something your LBS should have done for you before they sent you out the door with the bike.  But even a pro setup is just a starting point.  As you ride, you may decide you like your suspension softer or firmer, or other tuneable features, different than the standard setup specs.  There’s always some trial and error involved.

      For the most part, just go out there and ride and if you think a tweak may help, give it a go–you can always put it back where it was if you don’t like the change.  Have fun!

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      Go by static sag… I suggest starting with 20% on the fork and 30% on the shock.

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      @Endopro: “My LBS guy wasn’t sure either.  Long story short, he didn’t explain it very well to me.”

      I find it pretty sad that no one at your LBS knows how to set up a bike that they actually sell. I would look elsewhere for future maintenance assistance especially if it’s something you’ll be paying for.

      Otherwise, that’s a killer bike and hopefully you’ll find someone in a LBS or otherwise that can help you out. Remember, being polite, beer and goodies go a long way.

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      @Raymond Epstein, this is not exactly a dedicated LBS.  it’s a store that sells bikes, LaCrosse equipment, but mostly it’s a hockey store.  I would’ve bought another bike from the “dedicated LBS” but I honestly couldn’t afford the bikes I liked there.  Having said that, the staff is friendly and well educated on the bikes, but I’ve had no previous experiance with the bike shop part of the store.

      Thanks everyone else for your input   I guess I got a little too excited and wrote this before research gong on the net.

      But I do appreciate advice from your riding experiences, how it should feel or not feel, how does a bottom out feel, as a simple table/guide is just a starting point.   Now off to do some reading

      Thanks guys



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