Fender to protect dropper post stanchion

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      Here’s something I haven’t seen before: a clip-on fender to protect a dropper post stanchion.

      Dirt and grit can certainly work its way into a dropper post via the stanchion. Not only that, kicked up rocks and debris can potentially scratch the stanchion, which es no bueno.


      What do y’all think? Sorta reminds me of the wipers we used to see on fork stanchions back in the day…

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      Cleverly simple! The price is a little high, but then again, dropper posts are expensive. The selection of available colors is a nice option!

      If he designs one that attaches to the seat rails, it will be universal across all droppers instead of being Reverb-specific.


      I’m going to make myself one out of Kydex!



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      I have a fender that doesn’t weigh anymore than that and it keeps my back somewhat clean too. Gimmick in my opinion.

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      @SmokyBear, what kind of fender do you have that weighs less than an 8″ x 1″ piece of plastic?



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      This just seems like more crap to dangle off your rig. I’ve employed dropper posts for over thirteen years and the damage that this doohickey protects from has never happened to me. When I am hauling mail on a trail, my seat is down anyway. I lived through the time when there were a zillion plastic things you could bolt on a skateboard to “protect” it or give you better “performance”. If there is a way to make money off pointless shit someone will find it.

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      Minute 5.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9RSdsMLWRs

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        that inner tube hack is good and cheap but the seat will not drop to the lowest point….

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      The problem I have with the inner tube is that I like to wipe the dust from the seatpost stanchion after every day of riding and give it a light film of silicone. A boot would make that unnecessarily time-consuming.



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