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      Hey everyone I’m new to MTB and this forum. I just recently picked up a Felt 9/90 entry level from my LBS. It seems like a solid bike but with cheap components. I am just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this bike. If all goes well and 6 months down the road I am still loving it I might want to upgrade it. I am just wondering if this frame is worth upgrading and spending around $400 on something like a Shimano SLX groupset which is $100 less than I paid for the bike, or should I just upgrade to a better bike. I like to use things until they break so I want to keep this bike for a while if it’s worth it. I don’t plan on upgrading anything soon since I just got into it but I also live in Florida where most trails aren’t very technical and there aren’t very many downhill parts so it won’t be taking too much of a beating. But I plan to take it with me anytime I go out west or up north. My main question is that do any of you think that it this frame would be worth upgrading? Thanks everyone

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      I don’t have experience with the Nine 90, but I can tell you that in general, it’s cheaper to upgrade parts by buying a new bike. Just like you, I prefer to use things until they break, but the math just doesn’t work out when it comes to bikes. The bike companies get the parts really cheap, and they don’t mark them up as much as a retailer does.

      I bet if you added up the retail value of all the parts on your $500 bike, you could easily get to $900. Also, while frames are big and obviously an integral part of the bike, hardtail frames aren’t all that valuable on their own. For example, you can buy an aluminum 29er frame from Nashbar for under $100:


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