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      A buddy of mine recently asked me if I had heard of Felt mountain bikes.  I told him that I had heard about the brand but didn’t know anything about them in regards to their quality, pricing per specs, or the company customer service, etc.  Does anybody have any first hand experience owning a Felt or knowledge about their bikes, ride quality, quality of craftsmanship, customer service, etc.?  Any information is greatly appreciated.  Thanks and ride on!

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      My road bike is a Felt. My opinion, Jim Felt started a very cool bike company.

      I’ve not owned one, but I rode a Felt Compulsion in the DuPont woods. If you get one, I’ll be very jealous. It’s a hell of a bike. Excellent value for a ripper of a bike.

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      No first hand experience but I have looked at them in the past when shopping for myself. From my research they appear to be a very legit bike. Components, geometry all seem to be on par with big names Trek, Cannondale, Specialized etc. I have rode in the past with a guy that had a felt. It was nice bike and looked and operated as well as any other bike on our ride. I wouldn’t hesitate owning.

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      Hey I own two Felt bikes. I have a full suspension XC 29er carbon Edict and a DD30 fatbike. Both bikes have been great for me. I have have the full suspension for about 4 years and it has been able to take everything I throw at it. The fatbike plows over everything. I do wish they made a 29er with more than 100mm of travel though.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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