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    In the market possible for a ht 29er. noticed one of my lbs now carries Felt bikes but have no first hand knowledge of them. Any comments?

    http://www.feltbicycles.com/USA/2011/Mo … -2012.aspx

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    I am pretty sure that MTB Action just reviewed that specific bike in their last issue which should also be on the web now but it appears that their page is down at themoment… looks like a great deal.

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    Felt makes a very nice frame, and that model would be a good starting point for upgrades down the road.

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    Wait, I have it on good authority that you just drank the singlespeed koolaid 😆

    Don’t you want the Felt SS frame only so you can build it up?

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    Not sure about the higher end Felt’s, but I’ve had a Q620 for about 4 months now, ridden it approximately 30 times, and I can tell you from first hand experience I’m very happy. I’m also 245 pounds, and I ride fairly hard I would say. 3 foot air, rocks, 32 mph downhill at Mount Pisgah, you name it. Honestly, for the price I thought this bike would have broken already. My RS Dart 3 fork has blown twice on me, but everything else is golden. No bent rims, no busted tubes, no broken deraillers, etc. IMO, buy a Felt. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Nothing wrong with Felt, they make some nice stuff. But, at that $1,000 price point I think there are better options. The Giant Talon 29er has similar level components but has a 15mm thru axle front wheel/fork (the Felt has a standard quick release). Never heard anything good about the Tektro brakes on the Felt, but, also don’t know anything about the Giant brakes.

    http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bik … 377/44105/

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    Glad to see this post! I ride a Felt Q520 and i love the thing. Very rugged and I like the frame geometry, feels like I just get on and am naturally comfortable. As stated, the brakes could use an upgrade but that is the only thing. I know a lot of people who ride FELT road bikes but I think the mountain bikes they make deserve more credit, I say get out there and test ride one

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    @ maddslacker, if you read dgaddis last blog you may have noticed my ss koolaide was old school. 26er full rigid steel frame machine 😀

    I am toying with the idea of just building my own rig but I am not sure about $$$.

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    "brianW" wrote

    I am toying with the idea of just building my own rig but I am not sure about $$$.

    WAY cheaper to buy a complete unless you spend a lot of time looking searching the net for deals, used, ect.

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    I searched the net for deals all one winter and built my Giant Trance 1 for $1,300. It retailed for $3,500. This past spring I scored a deal on a really nice Fox fork and a set of Easton XC One wheels, bringing the total invested to $2,000…still reasonable.

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    I have a Felt, but I dare not take it off road too far. It weighs 50# and its a single speed, coaster brakes ;)

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonkota/se … 404356636/

    I won this bike last summer. I ride it to work a few times a year for fun.

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    I bought a Q520 a few months ago. Love it except I keep getting flats in the front tire. Everything else is holding up pretty well for how much I throw it around. Solid frame and is the same as the higher end models I think.

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    What air pressure are you running in your tires? I’ve ridden my Felt Q620 about 40 times on sharp rocks, roots, sticks, you name it an never had one…..knock, knock.

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