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      Ok i’m looking to switch to FS and spend about $1,500 ( that number is not set in stone) on an all mountain bike maybe leaning more towards the XC side. now i’m not a very big guy if that may make a difference i’m 5’6 (on a good day) about 130 pounds.

      what bike is my best bet. Suggestions please.

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      Maybe a little more all-mountain but you can get a Santa Cruz Heckler for $1800 from Colorado Cyclist. In my opinion, one of the best deals around.

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      Thanks! i’ll look into them

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      There’s a shop in Kaysville Utah that is blowing out there Kona’s and Ironhorse bikes from 2008 because they won’t be selling them next year. You might want to look them up. I think their website is http://www.bebikes.com

      Here is their phone number. 801-544-5300

      Might be worth a 2 hour drive for you. I know they are just trying to get rid of them. If you go look at them and decide that you want one, they will probably work with you if you tell them how far you drove. Talk to Micah, Casey, Brock, or Tyson. Those dudes all know their stuff and they’re super cool.

      I think you can find some of their bikes on http://www.ksl.com in the classifieds.

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      Thanks Leppah I’m always down that way, (i’m from Utah) so i’ll have to go talk to them. Though I can’t buy a new one for awhile as I just bought a motorcycle.

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      Thanks Mongoose! how are you?

      I’ve been guiding Ice Climbs for the past few months and Internet connection has been limited.

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      sounds like a blast and also sounds like I need to winter in those parts haha.

      I’m actually headed back down to Southen Utah Monday and Riding into some Climbing getting some action in both worlds.

      What bikes are you buying?

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      sounds like good times, I used to ride with my dad but he can’t ride as much since his total knee replacement a few years ago. hahah I wouldn’t say without fear its a strange sport to take up for someone who used to be morbidly afraid of heights (couple sky dives takes care of that) but just like MTBing its just that continual search for the Ulitimate Natural High and getting out in Mother E.

      Have Fun on those Toasty warm trails! Hope to make it out that way one day.

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