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      I’m working on an article highlighting some of my favorite Singletracks trail reviews, and I’ve already found a bunch of great ones! Off hand, does anyone have a gem they’ve discovered recently? Could be really helpful, funny, cringe-worthy, etc.

      For example, I’m pretty sure President Trump tweeted this one just last week:

      Sad !! this trail network is far from been the third best in USA It is for sure a great network it your a beginner or with beginner and for sure if you ride a hard tail 29er ! and love spendex! but it you and any real suspention and love to use it dont waist you time like we did on this network! (18 Road Trails, Fruita)

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      I think this is the best trail review I’ve seen on the site:

      “Great place besides the guy in the white Hyundai he is married and has kids he is handicap, this guy is always there with different women when he isn’t with his wife. He had the nerve to ask me something today I told him off!”

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      This reviewer, in addition to displaying poor language skills, seemed to have a desperate need to inflate his skill set by disparaging everyone else’s.

      I road this trail about 10 years ago and I now remember why I haven’t since. I can see why some riders from the CS area try to ride the double black DH trails at Keystone, when they have no business on them. Sec 16 IS NOT A TECHNICAL TRAIL, Or a GREAT DOWNHILL it is Steep and takes some skill so you don’t spin out the rear wheel while going up, though I cleared everything on my 32lbs full suspension bike up and down including the steps. The trail is narrow and has some spots with some rocks, a moderate blue trail at best. I kept looking for the technical challenge but it never happened. I started at Red Rock Canyon I wanted to take a look at and play the FREE RIDE area. Guys that is not free ride, maybe at the very basic level ZERO challenge again. Maybe ok to teach your girlfriends retarded brother how to ride a bike but boring. The Red Rock Canyon trail ratings the Black trails are high green at best mostly washed out gravel pits. Don’t bother riding any of this, let the dog walkers have it.

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