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      Later this summer I will be in Salt Lake City and I want to ride some trails while I’m there. The guides and websites I’ve seen list many trails throughout the area and unfortunately I’ll most likely only be able to ride a few. With that said I wanted to ask if anyone here had any must ride trails in the area (preferably closer to the Salt Lake valley/Wasatch front). The only trail I’ve ridden before was the Flying Dog and I’m planning to ride some (or all) of the Wasatch Crest. If you could only ride one or two (intermediate) trails in the area what would it be? I want to make the most of my time there and ride the best two or three trails. What are your top three trails in the area that give the best of northern Utah mountain biking? Also, if any one knows of any places to get a good rental for a couple of days please let me know. Thanks guys.

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      Looks like you’re off to a good start with your planning.  The one absolute must do is Wasatch Crest which you’ve already put on your list.  Park City’s must do is the Mid Mountain Trail.  Both are intermediate, technically speaking.  The Crest can be aerobically challenging depending on where you enter/exit.

      If you want a lovely cross country adventure, drive south as far as Provo and head into the lower Wasatch and hit the Blackhawk Trail.

      If you get itching for a big climb leading to stunning views, head north as far as Ogden and ride the Skyline Trail (southern or northern, or both if you’re in killer shape).

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        John, you are a frickin’ trail encyclopedia. Hope you’re doing well and getting some riding in.

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        Yeah, the unusually warm, dry winter hasn’t been great for skiing, but it has allowed more riding than usual.  I had the opportunity to check out the newest addition to Canon City’s riding, the South Canyon trail system, which is excellent.  I think there will always be more for you to explore each time you come back to CO.   🙂


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      Thanks for the info John, I’ll check it out for sure.

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      All right, so I live in Salt Lake and know of some good trails.  Wasatch Crest, of course, is great, and a must-do if you’re in the area.  For some downhill action, really any of the ski resorts are great – Sundance, Park City, etc.  If you want a good mix of both, then the Bobsled trail is amazing.  It has a mile-long climb at the beginning that’s moderately steep, but then a super fun and fast downhill packed with jumps, tons of berms, and drops.  There’s also a fun trail all the way north in Bountiful that’s Mueller Park (Elephant Rock), with a 7-mile-long climb but then a 7-mile-long descent.  No features here and plenty of hikers to give you dirty looks, but it’s still fun.

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      Thanks, dan 3lliott. I’ve got plenty of angry hikers back home so I’ll be well used to that lol.

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      I used to live in SLC (moved away 2010) so I know a lot has changed. One trail I was very impressed with due to recent advancements and proximity to the valley was Corner Canyon, Draper. Looked great for a quick rip and pretty fast DH stuff. I third the Wasatch Crest. And, not only Bobsled, but linking it to the Bonneville Shoreline trail starting out across the street from Hogle Zoo. Deer Valley is one of the best resort rides in PC, but you may wanna check out Sundance for sure. It doesn’t have the high speed/big jump stuff others may, but is much cheaper and fun in its own way. There’s also a pretty badass trail up Big Cottonwood about halfway from the mouth of the canyon and Brighton resort on the left as you go up. I forget what it’s called, but you climb all the way up to “THE SPINE” of the wasatch crest trail the bomb back down. I love mid-mountain in PC, but do people still ride the Park City town loop? I know, “town loop” sounds lame, but PC is stuffed into a mountain so it’s more of a mountain ride than it sounds.

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      Thanks, Chris. The Bonneville Shoreline and Mid-Mountain trails are on the list for sure. I’ll check out the PC town loop as well. The trail I think you might be referring to is the Dog Lake/Desolation Lake trail. If I remember correctly, Desolation Lake sits below the Spine. I hiked that trail (but never rode it) when I was a young kid, I believe it is open to bikes. It took us up to the Spine and we sat there for a while and took in the views and watched bikers tackle the Spine. One guy did it with no shirt or helmet-not smart. I’ll be close to Big Cottonwood so I’m sure I can have a field day there.

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