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      What’s your favorite food to eat before a big bike ride?

      Morning rides are tough for me because I can’t stomach a big breakfast, so I usually focus on eating a good dinner the night before. I also do a lot of night riding so again, I use dinner to fuel up. I love eating anything with rice like a big burrito, Bibimbap (Korean rice bowl), red beans & rice, etc. before a big ride. For whatever reason, rice is like rocket fuel for me!

      Pasta works ok for me, while meat-and-potato meals (like steak or burgers) tend to leave me feeling slow.

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      Bojangles Cajun Filet biscuit.

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        Aww yeah. Bojangles Cajun filet isn’t my pre-ride meal but it’s my pre-flight meal (T concourse for you GA folks). That’s my little reward for business travel.

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      For longer rides I eat a small bowl of raisin nut bran, and carry nutragrain bars with me.

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      Been enjoying Perfect Bars on the ride to the trailhead. I’ll keep some energy gummies in the saddlebag, sometimes with caffeine to perk me up and curb hunger. I’ve also learned that if I down a chia based drink, where the chia are already swollen and soft with moisture, your body slowly digests all the nutrients and moisture out of the chia seeds, extending the period you can go without needing water. Because of this I’ve been able to avoid bringing the hydro-pack backpack for rides less than 2 hrs.

      I also use foods like avocados, nut mixes without peanuts, and the occasional protein bar.


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      Peanut butter crackers and an apple

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      Funny you wrote this article when you did.  I’m heading out on a morning ride now and couldn’t figure out what to eat. =)

      I still haven’t figured out pre-ride meals for morning rides, especially in terms of energy needs.  Often I buy a Subway footlong the night before and eat half before I leave for the ride and the other half on the trail somewhere.  I also like to eat some melon and yogurt for a good pre-supply of potassium and electrolytes.  I also try to drink a little milk for the protein, fat, and calcium and Vit D.  But I need more calories.

      I do like the idea of combining rice and beans.  Together they make a complete protein.  So you get the surge of the rice along with the continuation from the beans and the combination of the two.  Also, you might consider eating a true whole grain rice that doesn’t break down into a simple carb like white rice does.  Maybe I need to follow your example and try rice and beans.   Sounds good.  I think I will next try a couple of breakfast burritos with a focus on rice and beans, cheese, and a little egg.  Add a little salsa and sour cream for flavor.  Sounds tasty and quite complete in terms of carb, proteins and fats.  Could be the answer for me.  Thanks for stimulating my thinking.

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      Rip Van Wafels are my go to pre-ride food…tasty, filling enough, but don’t sit heavy in the stomach

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      I have a homemade (if I am home) coffee and protein powder shake and a shot of espresso (morning ritual, yum!). Then I sip black iced coffee on the way to the trail. If I am not home, I have something similar depending what’s around. We stopped at Ingles (where they have a sign stating that they in fact “speak English” hahaha!) last time we were on the way up to Pisgah. I grabbed some hard boiled eggs, a pickle and iced coffee.

      In contrast to others here, I do not carbo load, because a. it’s bs unless you are in olympic-level physical condition (I am not) and b. it practically would kill me as a type-1 diabetic. As such, I avoid about 99% of all the energy bars, gels, drinks out there. On the trail I carry dried organic Calimyrna figs in a baggie, Clif Nut butter bars, and epic meat bars. I stop about every 20-40 minutes to consume one of or some combo of these. If you’re nearby I’ll will offer some.


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      The Ingles in Brevard? My daughter worked there when she was in college. Her dorm room was like 50 steps away!

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        @ZipHead: “The Ingles in Brevard? My daughter worked there when she was in college. Her dorm room was like 50 steps away!”

        Nope, in Murphy I believe. Still amusing.

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      I agree that there is something magical about rice.   That combined with a piece of protein (fish, chicken, etc) keeps me fueled for hours.   I’ve also found that a big smoothie is like rocket fuel.   But you have to make sure it has lots of calories.   So skip the berries and throw in the bananas, mangos, dates, etc.   I usually make a 1000 calorie smoothly and stick it in a thermal so that it stays cool for hours.   I can ride half a day with a nice rice pre-meal and then sipping the smoothie throughout the day.

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      For me it’s oatmeal with raisins and other dried fruits plus a good piece of butter. Buckwheat with meat and veggies  is also very good.

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      Oatmeal is the magical fuel. Oatmeal, ~tbs peanut butter, ~tbs cinnamon, ~raisins, and add any fresh fruit. I usually go 1 banana and 3 strawberries. But your imagination and taste buds are you’re only limit. Use water or milk, use non-sweetened dry fruits. Roughly 400-500 calories.Don’t add any kind of honey or other sweeteners. Any pure sweetener is just gonna make you crash.

      People are just chasing that conditioned sugar fix/rush. Energy bars are just candy, don’t be fooled.

      I’ve experimented and I can easily ride for half a day+ on a 500 calorie oatmeal breakfast. It’s not just about the amount of calories, it’s all about the quality of the calories and how they’re delivered.

      Most people are so conditioned with sweeteners are shoveling constant calories, that they don’t really know what their body is capable of. You’d be surprised how far you can move the norm of that “Energy Wall”, if you change what is the norm for you calorie count and quality.

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        I can ride half a day on 500 calories if I am not constantly climbing and sprinting.    But I need to replenish glycogen quite a bit if I am anaerobic a lot.  Plus, I like to consume 1000-1500 calories or I will lose too much weight.

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      For a late afternoon/evening ride…rice (brown), big time, and a lien protein usually chicken with some vegetables.  For regular morning rides, especially in the warmer months, I blend up a smoothy with berries, bananas, protein powder and dark chocolate…rocket fuel for sure and leaves me feeling light and energized.  Long days in the saddle…gluten free pancakes, plenty of butter, blueberries and maybe dark choc chips.  The other good go-to…eggs, cheese on corn tortillas.  Anything rice or corn based works/feels best.  The WORST pre-ride food for me is any form of potatoes.  Leaves me feeling full and sluggish for hours…but when fully digested, great energy.

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