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      I’m not a fan of wearing earbuds while on the trail (I feel it takes away from the experience), but I love getting amped up in my truck on my way to ride. I can’t stop listening to this song by moe. and wanting to rip through my local loop!  What are you guys jamming out to?


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      I love jamming to Back in Black, by AC/DC.


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      “Back in the saddle again” aerosmith always puts me in the mood to explore

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      Any type of high-energy rock music. For the winter riding up in Massachusetts, I’ve been using the new album from Sevendust for a lot of my psyche-up moments.

      METAL RULES!!!

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      For me, it is usually some kind of metal….not super original I know, but it is what I listen to. Usually thrashy stuff, but I also like to get a few mid tempo songs in my head before I go to get a good consistent pedal cadence going.  I tend to almost always have the Reign In Blood album by Slayer going in my head. Back in my BMX days, (1980’s) it was always hardcore/punk like Suicidal Tendencies, or JFA, or any of the DC area hardcore bands, so I think instinctively that stuff is going through my head when I am “on the edge”

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        Ha.  I saw your pic and thought “Minor Threat is a good answer.”  I think I’ve listened to Out of Step a time or two on the way to the trail.

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        Yep. Minor Threat has probably had some of the biggest influences on my life for sure.  Most of my outlook on life was developed by the lefty/underground punk and metal scenes!

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      I listen to the Blues. It brightens up any day listening to Buddy Guy or any number of other artist playing the guitar and singing the blues.

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      The mid 40’s Gen X in me still likes to plug in Pearl Jam TEN on the way to the trail. Did it in 1991 and doing it in 2016. There others I plug in on the way, but it is a classic I still go back to. It also helps spark the memories of years past and helps bring back the nostalgia of when I first got into the sport.

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      Love the music threads. with kids in the mix I find myself falling more and more out of touch so thanks for suggestions. still listening to a lot of rap (Ice Cube, Bone Thugs, anything circa mid-90’s) on the way to the trail, but for me nothing beats “Head Up” by Deftones or anything from Ratatat.

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      Nice, another Moe-ron!  I listen to Moe (Meat is a good one) and other jam bands like String Cheese Incident and Umphreys McGee on the way to the trail.

      Rebula is a great tune for Go-Pro edits, IMO 🙂

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      @chris great call on “head up”!  and can’t go wrong with mid 90’s gangster rap.  “we’re not against rap….we’re not against rappers….but we are against those thugs”

      hadn’t thought of using that track for gopro edits but surely will, great suggestion


      and how can you NOT get pumped to some PW??!!

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      I have a biking playlist so there’s no particular music. If I’m going to grind it out on the trail I go with Chevelle. Angry and fast. Great music for mtb.

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