Favorite (commercial) Trail Snacks 2018?

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      I’ve been on a ProBar Meal and Zing bar kick the last two years for my rides, and while they are quite tasty I think I’ve reached my level of saturation with them….so I’m looking for something new. And as I already do most (all) of the food prep in my family, I’m really not interested in creating homemade treats (though I am certain they can be delicious).

      Soooooo, what are your favorite commercial (off the shelf) trail snacks this year?


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      I take Narure Vallery crunchy bars. They come in a variety of flavors. My two favorites are coconut and pecan, oats n honey is good too. I avoid the peanut butter, as the aforementioned peanut butter is messy on the trail in the heat.

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      I use a variety of different items depending on the ride length. My go to has remained a zip lock bag with a half a dozen or so organic calimyrna figs. I also like Rx Bars for a little longer rides (1.5 hrs +) and will mix and match these depending on what I am in the mood for taste/energy-wise. Both of these are simple to portage and reside in my pocket as I rarely use a pack. On longer all day rides when I would carry a pack (Pisgah, CO, Utah, etc) I have usually the above plus Clif energy food (the pizza is weird, but a nice change up from all the sweet crap), some dark chocolate and usually a PB&J.

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        Nature Valley, Cliff Bars, fresh fruit.

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      Was on Cliff bars for several years.  Like you, got tired of them and they are a little heavy in your stomach for the first few miles.   Recently switched to Honey Stinger waffers.  They are definitly tasty and very lite.  Still unsure on the energy impact just yet.  Tried them on a 6 hour MTB race, I was hurting all over so the verdict isn’t out yet.

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      Dates are easy

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      I used to eat larabars a lot but I’ve recently been enjoying clif bars, particularly mint chocolate chip. I also like honey stinger waffles, but prefer something that fills me up more.

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      For sit downs during epic backcountry rides, it’s Clif Bars or sometimes a good old fashioned PBJ sandwich.

      While riding or for short stops, it’s Clif Shots, Honey Stinger Chews, and Honey Stinger Waffles.

      I also go for beef jerky, trail mix, and dried fruits (especially peaches and apricots)

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      Lara Bars or Kind Bars, both of which I can buy at my local supermarket. BTW, Rip Van Waffles are far better than Honey Stinger

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      Love the waffle things. I’m not overly picky as to which ones I get, but the maple ones my local coffee shop makes are my favorite. I am kinda over clif bars too at the moment. Too many have been consumed in the past for them to taste good anymore.


      I also a fan of getting a bulk bag of cashews or unsalted almonds from Natural Grocers and dividing them up as needed for rides. Gotta stop to eat them but it’s worth it sometimes to take in the views and have a little trail side snack.  I try to avoid prepackaged trail mix as they are just loaded with unnecessary amounts of salt and whatnot.

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      Perfect Bar. Not always the easiest to find as its a pretty young company, but as they grow their distribution throughout the U.S. is getting better. Located in the refrigerated aisle, so not typically near the usual suspects.

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      +1 for Lara Bars. Lots of flavors and I don’t get that “loaded with sugar” feeling that I get from Cliff bars lately. Plain ol’ granola bars are alright sometimes too.

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      Regular granola bars don’t give me enough energy to sustain a decent ride.

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