Fatbike in snow…again…getting stuck

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      Nice! How common are fat bikes on those trails?

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      To avoid all the hard work and getting stuck, I always wait half a day to a day after a good snowfall, so other riders can break the trail.

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      Generally fatbikes are not common more locality enthusiasts! They are getting more common here but suffer from bad rep. Hence like in the video we get all the Q’s from both MTBers (not riding that day and stating they were jealous) and general public on nearly every ride. Even at trail centres like Glentress they are rare.

      That particular trail is not common for mtbers to use as it has a few deer gates which makes getting bikes through the gates or over a 7′ fence non straight forward. Hence the surprise and chat with the hill walkers.

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      Well after seeing you out there riding your bikes in snow, I wouldn’t be surprised if those other mountain bikers bought fat bikes so they can join you next time. 🙂

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      Generally there are not that many mtbers out to flatten the snow + generally they are not out because they think there is no snow lol. We want specifically snow hunting and got more than we bargained for hence we did not complete outlet intended route that day.

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      Yeah, it took me a while to accept that fat bikes aren’t really go-thru-anything machines. Everything has its limits. But it’s still a lot of fun despite all that hard work.

      Good video!

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      Fat bikes rock in fresh snow up to about 2 or 3 inches. Anymore than that get ready to push. When we get a good amount of fresh snow I  break out my touring skis to pack my trails. I live in Anchorage, AK si lots of fat bikers. Our main trails get packed out quickly.

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