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      Got an email about a week and a half ago, sent off the notarized affidavit and about a week later. . .

      . . . I am the proud owner of the 2012 New Belgium Fat Tire Bike! The Felt Bonneville cruiser is the basic model, all-steel single speed. Totally unexpected, and I had to assemble it myself but a fun bike to own for sure!

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      Congrats! It’s a hot looking bike

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      Very nice! I wouldn’t mind owning one of those

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      Here’s how I won: [url:2t43nl5x]http://www.newbelgium.com/enjoy-the-ride/beer-a-mid.aspx[/url:2t43nl5x]
      give it a shot, my theory is the higher the better 😎

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      People really do win! Congrats.

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      Congrats! That is a sweet ride!

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      Sweet. That would be great for bar hopping in Myrtle Beach 😆

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      Every time they offer them I place my name in the pot. Glad to hear you won MY bike. When can I pick it up?

Viewing 7 reply threads

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