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      I just got a new Kona Wo fat bike looking for places to ride around New England. I ride a lot at Kenoza Lake in Haverhill Ma. I snowshoed a few trails here to ride and also this area gets lots of dog walkers so plenty of riding for a few hours but looking for options. Any of the ski resorts allow fat bikes on the cross country ski trails?

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      Congratulations on your new bike! Money well spent 😀
      I do like to bring my fatbike on singletrack once in a while, but my favorite snow rides are on snowmobile trails or simply using a bearing to ride true cross-country style. That’s where other bikes won’t ride and even riding fatbike is a challenge.
      Can’t recommend you any trails. Just give you an alternative idea.

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      I grew up on MA/NH border and would x/c ski and mt bike (before fat bikes) on the snowmobile trails. During the day it is quite safe. Even at night I had no problems. As a precaution I would wear something bright (hunters vest). The thing about following established routes are that many restaurants along the routes have easy access, which means a place to stop to warm up and eat.

      Links bellow are for NH. There are many local snowmobile clubs that maintain trails. I would look into them and see about their use policies. I did most of my riding in north central MA and south western NH. Also some of these routes use logging roads and abandoned rail road beds which also make good riding in warmer months.

      http://www.nhstateparks.org/uploads/pdf … or_Map.pdf
      http://www.nhstateparks.org/experience/ … fault.aspx

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      Thanks for the ideas I’m planning to go to the rockingham recreation trail tomorrow. It lists open year round seems for all. Really impressed with how well the fats float. Couldn’t make 20 ft on 2.3s on trail behind house just rode on forever with the fat tire.

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      Rutland State park.. There are lots of snowmobile trails as well as single track.. There are a few new trails put in which are snow shoed so are pretty narrow..

      I was just out today but no new trails as my skill set can’t keep me on the narrow trails..

      But with that being said I had a great day riding and for a change it might be worth it.. Check it out..

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